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Evoque 2.2 SD4 Pure Tech Auto 4WD Euro 5 (s/s) 5dr Headlights

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I just bought the vehicle.
The headlights will not turn on. I have completed the process of turning on the main beam and sipped beam. Under no circumstances. In the darkness, I attempted automatic, but to no avail.
The mechanic gave the vehicle a MOT yesterday; hopefully, it passed. But the same thing happened when I demoed the car before, and the garage promised to fix it!
Additionally, the headlights do not flash when you attempt to flash the lights on the stalk. Absolutely bizarre.

I'm requesting your assistance.

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I have examined the fuse and it seems to be in satisfactory condition. Peculiar. The side lights are functioning well. The rear lights are functioning well. There is a lack of a headlamp. However, when I activate the hazard lights, I perceive a distinct clicking noise emanating from the vicinity of the lights.

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Knowing if the lights in question are halogen or xenon might be beneficial. Additionally, if you have just purchased the vehicle and it has just passed its MOT, it would be advisable to return it to the garage.

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