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The Mazda 6 model from 2010 equipped with a 2.2-liter diesel engine had a cessation of functioning.


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I have composed an extensive message and I am seeking guidance from someone. Could someone kindly provide me some advice, please? The expression of gratitude is really valued - thank you.

The 2010 Mazda 6 2.2 diesel vehicle in question has accumulated a total mileage of 150,000 kilometers. In the previous year, a situation arose where the timing chain had elongation. Upon receiving a cost estimate in the thousands, I opted to do the repair independently. Subsequently, the vehicle has shown satisfactory performance for a duration of around one and a half years.

Towards the conclusion of the summer season, the air conditioning system ceased to function well, emitting just warm air. Despite this issue, I chose to defer its resolution until the next service appointment, scheduled to take place in a fortnight, during which I intended to fix the malfunctioning compressor or clutch.

Several weeks before, the vehicle began emitting a "rattling" auditory disturbance originating from the engine compartment. This noise deviated from the customary occurrence of timing chain impact or loud rattling noises associated with their failure, instead resembling the auditory sensation of screws rotating inside a tin can. I sought advice and was informed that the issue was likely related to the air conditioning clutch. Consequently, I decided to postpone addressing the problem until the scheduled repair in a few weeks.

During our journey back to our residence today, a pronounced clunking sound was heard, resulting in a complete loss of power to the engine. After careful examination, it has been seen that the air conditioning clutch is rotating freely without any impact on the serpentine belt. Therefore, it is unlikely that the air conditioning clutch is the cause of the problem. The user's text is already academic. No rewriting is necessary.I had an expectation or desire for it to be so.

The engine exhibits rotational movement, however fails to initiate combustion, displaying a lack of any attempt to ignite. A pronounced auditory impact is observed as the engine undergoes rotation. The auditory perception of the sound is characterized by a perceived absence of compression.

Does anybody possess any insights about the potential cause or recommended areas for investigation? I have successfully established a connection with the outdated On-Board Diagnostics 2 (ODB2) system, and the compilation of error codes spans many pages. The frequency of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration cycles is too high, indicating a potential issue. The crack sensor range is outside the acceptable parameters, suggesting a malfunction. The Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) sensors are registering lower than expected values, indicating a potential problem. The intake manifold air control actuator may be experiencing a malfunction. The fuel shut off valve is exhibiting an open circuit, which may impede its proper functioning. The right front tone wheel is displaying abnormal behavior, potentially indicating a fault. Lastly, there is a malfunction in the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) circuit.

There is a significant abundance of codes.

May I kindly request your insights on this matter? Is it possible that the whole mass has perished? There have been accounts of adverse incidents involving chain failures, injector seal malfunctions, and subsequent turbocharger failures, which have been described in a manner that evokes feelings of fear and dread.

The current valuation of the vehicle suggests that its worth may be around £2,000. Consequently, I am disinclined to engage in the potentially costly endeavor of replacing components that may exceed the vehicle's assessed value.

I appreciate your assistance.

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I recently conducted an examination of the rocker cover, preceded by the removal of the oil cap. Upon inspection, I saw the presence of rockers, which exhibited no discernible motion during the engine's rotation. Furthermore, an unpleasant metallic rattling noise was detected.

Is it possible for the valves of this engine to sustain damage due to a broken chain or similar circumstances?

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I had composed the response below, but you responded prior to my submission.

It seems to have been eradicated, in my opinion. The cost of purchasing a new chain kit as individual pieces exceeds the potential revenue generated by selling it as junk or selling its individual components. Engaging in the sale of some components within a short timeframe, followed by the subsequent sale of the other components for scrap, is likely to provide a higher financial return compared to undertaking a repair endeavor of uncertain outcome.

Below is the response I had composed:

Given your characterization of the sound as "rattling," I would anticipate encountering a more resonant and low-pitched thumping sound than is presently seen. The occurrence of a profound thud often indicates the presence of bearings inside the engine.

Can you confirm that the timing chain has not experienced mechanical failure? Is it possible for the diagnostics to measure the timing chain angle while the engine is not in operation?

It is arguable that the codes being read are not inherently linked to the present issues at hand. It is probable that these codes were collected over an extended period of time; however, the vehicle remained operational. It is possible that disconnecting the battery may result in the resolution of some of these issues.

If one were to do the chain, one may undertake the task of removing and cleaning the sensors oneself. If the cost of the sensors is quite low, one may consider taking the risk and purchasing them. However, it seems that the issue at hand is more likely to be related to a mechanical malfunction rather than an electrical malfunction. The resolution of the profound thud can only be achieved via the process of accessing the engine and investigating the underlying cause.

Could you provide a historical record of the number of chains that have been used by this engine over its lifespan? It is possible that the engine has seen significant wear and tear, rendering it irreparable.

I am uncertain about the valuation of the automobile, which is £2,000. Upon doing an Auto Trader appraisal, it is noteworthy that the estimated value for part exchange may fall below £500, while the anticipated value for a private sale may not exceed £1,500. The purchase of a pre-owned engine will incur a significant expense. I am uncertain as to whether you possess the ability to engage in rationalizations sometimes referred to be "man maths" and thereafter provide a valid justification for such actions.

It is advisable to explore the services of scrap firms in order to ascertain the current market value of the automobile in its present condition. Alternatively, one may consider advertising the vehicle for dismantling and independently selling its individual components. It is hypothesized that by promoting certain components and successfully securing their sale, the revenue generated would exceed their intrinsic scrap value.

Additionally, one may request the services of a mobile mechanic to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle. A brief assessment lasting around five minutes will be conducted to provide an overview of the recommended course of action and associated cost. It is conceivable that an individual may arrive and provide a cost estimate without charge. This serves as a cost-effective alternative prior to purchasing sensors and related equipment.

It is hypothesized that the engine may have operated without enough lubrication, resulting in its eventual deterioration. The current state of the task makes it challenging to do as a do-it-yourself project, and it will need a significant financial investment.

It is advisable to consult with an automotive professional to ascertain the necessary repairs and associated costs as a first step. Regardless of the information provided, the rate of rise is likely to escalate rapidly once they commence their endeavors. Next, ascertain the potential value of the item by evaluating its worth as scrap or by considering the possibility of selling it partly for its constituent pieces, followed by selling the remaining components as scrap. On Auto Trader, it is possible to get a more recent model of a 6 with lower mileage for a price below £2,000. If one is able to get £500 for their current vehicle, it is likely that an additional £1,000 or somewhat more would be required in order to acquire a newer vehicle with lower mileage for transportation purposes. If the amount of around £1,000 is sufficient to cover all additional expenses required for the operation of a car, it is advisable to contemplate relinquishing all expectations of restoring the current vehicle and instead acquiring a new one. Each wheel may be sold for a price of £50 on the online marketplace eBay. Additionally, the sale of other automobile components such as doors, bumpers, seats, lights, and other related items can together generate a sum of £500. This is the reason why scrap firms provide a somewhat higher compensation. It is essential that one completes their research, since the current state of the automobile does not permit its ignition. Determining the appropriate course of action is a challenging dilemma.

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Thank you for your response. Are there any potential indications of valve damage in these engines?

In the event that a tensioner or cog has become faulty without causing any harm to the valves, it may be necessary to consider replacing the affected component.

Presented below is a video showcasing the view obtained by peering through the oil filler cap.

The provided link directs to a YouTube video.

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I lack knowledge on the specific manner in which the valves are influenced by the chain.

However, what is the mechanism through which the engine rotates without initiating combustion?

Based on the visual evidence shown in the video, it can be inferred that there is a component inside the engine that is not securely fastened and is thus exhibiting movement.

Do these chain kits begin at a price of £250, even in the absence of full completion?

I strongly advise against taking the risk.

Consider the scenario when an individual has a budget of £250 or more, which enables them to get a new chain kit and thereafter engage in a do-it-yourself (DIY) installation process.

How do you plan to address the remaining errors and flaws identified by the reader?

This transition is a significant leap into uncharted territory.

In the event that a nearby automobile auction is accessible, it is plausible to purchase a functional vehicle for a cost that is just marginally more than the expenses incurred for the necessary components to repair one's own vehicle.

This observation suggests that there may be a problem or issue occurring in this context.

The installation of a previous chain has been completed, and there is uncertainty over the potential resolution of the issue via the installation of a new chain, which would thereafter enable the vehicle to resume operation.

In contemporary times, a significant portion of individuals choose to dispose of a vehicle due to the need of replacing tires and discs in order to pass the Ministry of Transport (MOT) inspection, as the associated costs imposed by automotive repair establishments may amount to a substantial sum.

Based on the auditory characteristics of the engine, it seems that engaging in a subsequent chain is a rather optimistic prospect, since it is uncertain if it will sustain for an additional year or longer.

Furthermore, it should be noted that these engines do not possess perpetual operation capabilities. They possess a negative reputation.

One notable drawback of these vehicles is their tendency to exhibit signs of aging, albeit they do so in a somewhat unassuming manner. However, it is worth noting that their engines are particularly susceptible to weakness.

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Thank you for your response. Today, I removed the rocker box lid and saw that all the lifters had sustained damage, with each one being crushed off. Additionally, I noticed that the cog located at the end of the camshaft has sheared off and is now exhibiting a wobbling motion. The original quotation provided for an independent contractor to do the necessary repairs was $2,500. I will imminently remove the timing chain cover to assess any potential damage, if there. Based on my comprehension, it is plausible that valve damage may not occur, since the architecture of the system is intended for the lifters and other components to be rendered inoperable, hence safeguarding the valves.

If fortunate, the necessary repairs would include the replacement of the camshaft and lifters, as well as the installation of another timing chain and injector seals. I am uncertain about my course of action, but the consultant with whom I conversed was really helpful and has offered to examine the matter for a fee of £60. The challenge is in delivering it to him...

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It seems that you are exhibiting signs of haste. It is advisable to adopt a reflective stance and reevaluate the whole of the scenario.

What was the purchase price of the car? I purchased my vehicle for a sum of £4.5K when it was 6 years old from a dealer. The vehicle came with a documented history and had undergone a timing belt replacement at 76K miles. Investing £2.5K on the reconstruction of an engine with a mileage of 150K does not seem to be a prudent decision. The aforementioned dealer is now offering a 2008 diesel 6 vehicle for sale for a price of £3,000, with a recorded mileage of 64,000 km. In the event that an individual expends £2,500 for the purpose of repairing their vehicle, thereafter sells such vehicle for £500, and subsequently procures a replacement vehicle from a dealer that includes a guarantee, it is advisable to promptly board the next available train.

The provided URL directs to the webpage of Arnold Clark, a reputable automobile dealership, specifically showcasing

The cost of a camshaft, with the associated seal and sensor, is rather high. One may easily spend a sum ranging from £200 to £300 in this context.

An additional sum of £200-£300 is required for the replacement of the timing chain, water pump, and auxiliary belt.

An further £50-£100 is required for the lifters, along with any other small expenses necessary for completion.

In addition, a payment of £50 was made to the individual in order to get confirmation of the current situation.

In addition to the injector seals, there are additional costs associated with transportation, among other factors.

A payment of £500 is required prior to commencing the rebuilding process. It is advisable to have a realistic perspective and anticipate that the ultimate cost of doing the do-it-yourself project will approximate £1,000. However, in the event that the automobile is transported to the garage, the repair process is already underway. Consequently, a total of £2,500 will be depleted.

Please calculate the prices associated with the known components that you want to purchase, as well as any additional expenses such as garage fees and transportation. Subsequently, contact scrap dealers to ascertain the amount they are willing to provide for the items. Auto Trader offers a range of comparable vehicles, including non-functional ones like yours, starting at a price of £500.

Based on my conjecture, it is anticipated that the engine in question will have a limited lifespan, even subsequent to an assiduous £2,500 reconstruction executed by a proficient individual. Numerous GH autos exhibited a sequential arrangement of many chains, surpassing the durability of your vehicle without experiencing any disintegration. The engine in question will possess tolerances that surpass those of the original engine. Based on my analysis, it is anticipated that over a span of 1-2 years, you will go back to the initial starting point.

In order to alleviate any concerns, it is advisable to arrange for an individual to visit your residence and inspect the vehicle. It is recommended to provide them with the requested amount, such as £60, as a means of ensuring piece of mind that you have made an effort to address the situation.

The website "whocanfixmycar.com" is a platform that connects individuals in

As previously mentioned, they may avail themselves of the opportunity to inspect the premises without incurring any charges.

If the provided prices are expressed in thousands, such as the £2,500 quote previously obtained over the phone, it is advisable to carefully consider if this course of action is appropriate. The durability of the 2.0 belt engine surpasses that of the 2.2 chain variant of the same engine.

If one were to assume the role of the seller, it would be advisable to promote the item in question on the Auto Trader platform, with a suggested price of £500. It is anticipated that the potential monetary compensation for the item in question, based on its scrap value, may amount to £250. By successfully selling the automobile for £500, one may avoid the inconvenience of dismantling and selling its individual components.

I would allocate the £2,500 towards the acquisition of a replacement vehicle from an authorized dealership, in order to address the repair expenses. If the intention is to acquire an additional six units, it is evident from the advertisement provided that one may be obtained for a somewhat higher cost than the £2,500 required for repairs. One can question the reliability of the claim that by paying £2,500 upon entering the garage, there is an assurance of not incurring a larger cost upon departure.

In the event that you decide to purchase an additional six units, it would be advantageous to retain your current unit for the purpose of salvaging spare components.

When considering the purchase of an additional six vehicles from an independent dealer, it is important to note that a majority of these cars are acquired via part swaps. These vehicles are often not eligible for sale at franchise dealerships due to the presence of inherent flaws. One notable drawback is to the recurring maintenance requirements, which incur a rather high cost that exceeds the dealer's ability to provide a warranty and effectively market the product. The items are sold at auctions for a base price of £500, which is subject to additional costs for the auction and transportation. Consequently, the initial price of £500 is effectively doubled to £1,000. Subsequently, independent dealers acquire these items and proceed to double the price once again, anticipating a future sale. There exists a possibility that opting to withdraw from a financial commitment of £2,500 and instead acquiring a £2,000 vehicle from an independent dealer via an auction may result in a comparable outcome, so leaving an additional £1,000 available for the purchase of a franchise automobile, which may be considered a more advantageous use of funds.

Nevertheless, I am disinclined to undermine the essence. It is evident that you possess enthusiasm for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, and I encourage you to continue with your endeavors. Even in the event that one expends £500 on auto components and afterwards sells the whole vehicle for a comparable sum, the resulting loss is little. However, I would discourage the expenditure of £2,500 on engine repair, even if it is performed by a professional in engine maintenance. The level of danger involved is excessive. It is advisable to contemplate about the matter and seek further perspectives and information before to making any commitments.
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