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Can you please clarify if this material is made of genuine leather or whether it is a synthetic material known as Artico?


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Hello, I kindly want assistance from an individual with expertise in this area. Could someone help provide me with information on whether this material is genuine leather or the synthetic alternative known as Artico fake leather? The presence of a ruffled door card does not provide definitive evidence, since there have been reports of individuals with Artico material who have also had this issue.

The vehicle in question is a 2007 E220d Avantgarde model. Was genuine leather included as a basic feature on the products?

I would want to express my gratitude to all those involved.



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By inputting the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the website www.lastvin.com, users may get precise information on the kind of leather used in the vehicle.
The data card generated provides a comprehensive inventory of all original equipment options installed at the factory for the specific vehicle identification number (VIN) input.

Apologies for the oversight, I have now come across your new postings. The material used in the production of item 821 is authentic leather.

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I acquired an authentic sales brochure for the W211 E-Class model from a fellow member of an online forum during my diligent pursuit of obtaining a W211 vehicle. I ultimately acquired the W212 model as a result of limited availability of satisfactory automobile options throughout the period spanning from mid-2019 to early 2020.

The following compilation presents an exhaustive list of available leather alternatives along with their respective codes.


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I use a very diluted alkaline peroxide cleaner (APC). The Aldi blue all-purpose cleaner (APC) is diluted with water at a minimum ratio of 1:10. This diluted solution is then sprayed onto a microfiber cloth, which is then used to wipe off the desired surfaces. I have not need a more potent substance than the one mentioned, even when dealing with very soiled leather surfaces. Subsequently, I proceed to cleanse the surface with a distinct microfiber cloth that has been moistened just with clean water.

I am uncertain about the ethical implications of this practice, but it effectively maintains the cleanliness of my leather material.
There are more effective treatment methods for altering the visual, tactile, and sensory qualities of leather subsequent to its cleaning process.

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