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The Mazda MX30, with a 72 plate, has had a significant problem across several components.


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Greetings, everyone. As a newcomer to this community, I am the proud owner of a Mazda MX30 with a 72 plate.
I transported the vehicle to a nearby establishment known as "Pets at Home," situated approximately 5 miles away. Upon parking, we detected a tapping sound emanating from the rear end of the driver's side. Subsequently, as we commenced driving, the noise ceased entirely, and an error message appeared on the screen indicating that the vehicle could not be operated due to the charger being plugged in. However, we had not left the charger connected, and we were unable to ascertain the cause of the issue. Consequently, we contacted the Roadside Assistance Company (RAC), who proceeded to tow the vehicle to the authorised dealership. The following day, I received a call from the chief mechanic, who was unable to locate the aforementioned error message on the screen. However, upon connecting the vehicle to diagnostic equipment, it was discovered that numerous malfunctions were present within the vehicle. The mechanics were unable to identify the specific problem and subsequently sought assistance from Mazda UK, as their expertise was required to resolve the issue. Mazda UK has informed us that it may take approximately 7-10 days for them to respond. Consequently, we are currently awaiting their guidance. I am inclined to believe that the vehicle may be deemed irreparable, but I remain hopeful that someone will be able to shed light on the situation. I am curious to know if anyone else has encountered a similar problem.
I express my gratitude for your assistance.

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Mazda has released a software update for its start battery charging system. If your vehicle has not yet gotten it, kindly request for it.

I had a similar problem when the primary battery experienced self-discharge, resulting in a complete system failure within a span of around one week.
When the ignition button is turned off, electricity to all automobile systems such as the air conditioning, fan, and primary lighting is consistently off.
However, my vehicle had many instances of a drained starting battery.
On many occasions, the power supply experienced a decrease to a voltage level of 2.5 Volts, a phenomenon that has the potential to diminish the longevity of a battery by causing the failure of a battery cell.

During the most recent occurrence, which took place last week, the support technician provided instructions on gaining access to the vehicle in the event of the automatic locking system engaging and preventing entry via the doors. Unfortunately, access to the hood latch was not available.
After gaining access to the automobile, the user proceeded to activate the ignition by pressing the ON button. They then proceeded to deactivate all auxiliary equipment such as lights, air conditioning, and the fan. Furthermore, they instructed me to maintain this state for a duration of many hours.
If there is a enough amount of power remaining in the traction battery, it will be used to provide power to the start battery.
The value of 25% may be regarded as satisfactory.

I recommend disabling the automatic door locks.

I hope this information is beneficial for future reference.

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I appreciate your guidance. The automobile has been in the possession of the service provider for a duration of three weeks. I informed them two weeks ago, as per the recommendations provided on this site, that the battery should be replaced. Currently, the battery is in the process of being ordered, and the service provider has indicated that they will inform me on Monday on its effectiveness. If the battery replacement does not resolve the issue, the subsequent course of action would include addressing the modules.

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I would inquire first as to whether the battery was the cause. There is no justification for just replacing the component if it was deemed satisfactory, and it is as unwise to replace it without addressing the root cause that is depleting the 12-volt battery, as this would result in a recurring occurrence.

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The dealer has conducted many tests on the start battery and always confirmed its satisfactory condition.
However, the primary battery experienced another depletion subsequent to the upgrade of the battery system.
As previously said, it is important to note that the start battery, often found in standard cars, might sustain damage if it is discharged excessively, irrespective of the information provided by a battery tester.
If the power of a fully charged 12V battery is sufficiently great, it has the ability to mask the presence of a faulty cell.

Consequently, I strongly advocated for the replacement of the 12V (start) battery with the dealer, a course of action that is scheduled to take place at the conclusion of the current month.
I will provide an update once the findings have been obtained.

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I would want to express my gratitude to everyone for the valuable advise provided. It has come to my attention that the availability of Mazda UK batteries is now experiencing a delay, with back orders expected to be fulfilled by December 31st, 2050. This extended waiting period for a 12-volt battery is seen as unreasonable, prompting me to explore the possibility of seeking a refund for my purchase.

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Regrettably, the dealership and its chief mechanic were unable to ascertain the underlying causes of the problems, necessitating the involvement of Mazda UK for further support. In instances of intricate scenarios such as the present one, it is not unusual for the manufacturer's technical support staff to get engaged in order to facilitate the identification and resolution of the problem.
While it is hard to make conjectures about the precise issue without further details, there are many potential scenarios:

    Electrical or Software Dysfunction: Considering the assortment of reported faults seen during the vehicle's connection to a power source, it is plausible that an issue pertaining to either the electrical system or software components may be at play. This phenomenon may be associated with the charging system or other interconnected components that interface with the charging system.
    Sensor or Sensor Network Issue: Malfunctions across multiple systems could also indicate a problem with a sensor or the sensor network. Defective or non-operational sensors have the potential to initiate error notifications and induce unanticipated actions.
    Possible Charging System or Battery Issue: The presence of an error message indicating that the charger is connected, despite it being unplugged, suggests the potential existence of a problem with either the charging system or the battery. There exists a potential for a malfunction occurring in this specific place to initiate further faults throughout the vehicle.

As previously said, it is advisable to await the answer from Mazda UK and their technical support staff. The professionals possess the requisite knowledge and have the means to accurately identify and rectify the problem pertaining to your Mazda MX30.
In the interim, should you possess any particular inquiries or apprehensions, it may prove advantageous to establish communication with the dealership or immediately engage Mazda UK for the purpose of obtaining updates pertaining to the advancement of your case. The individuals in question should possess the capacity to provide you with the utmost precise and current data pertaining to the circumstances at hand, as well as any conceivable courses of action for settlement.

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