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We just acquired our Sportage and are in the process of replacing the cabin filter. It has been challenging to get the correct filter, since I have been attempting to use a Bosch filter.


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I will preserve the information from the Arnold Clark one since it is the correct one. I have plenty of options to choose from now. I could consider giving it to my wife's cousin who owns a Sportage if they are interested.
Currently awaiting the delivery of my 32GB SD card to attempt updating the navigation system. Tried using a 64GB USB stick with the software, but it was not compatible. I will insert the SD card directly since I have heard that using the USB loom might be tricky.Here is my previous software version. Does it seem to have been updated?

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Similarly, I had not replaced my cabin filter in the three years I had owned the vehicle, despite paying for dealer servicing. Despite being listed as an annual service item in the handbook. No information provided. Although I have no reason to complain, if they had taken the time to inspect it, they would have recognised it was far from standard. This may have led them to decline the synchromesh rebuild and other warranty work they performed for me at no cost.

Purchased a NAPA product at a reasonable price, and it fits well. (and it was quite successful for Ash Sutton in the British Touring Car Championship)

majority of factors I have discovered two sizes of cabin filters: one for vehicles manufactured in Korea priced at about £20, and the other for automobiles built in Slovakia priced at around £45. Can you determine the origin of the UK models?

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