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[Model W169 with A200 Turbo engine] Assistance required with a specific component number.

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I am experiencing heightened symptoms of my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, prompting me to address and eliminate a few bothersome sounds emanating from my engine compartment.
One component that I suspect to be the alternator pulley/belt is known to often produce noise. However, I am uncertain whether it is worth replacing.

The second unit seems to be fixable by changing a certain component, however I am uncertain about the exact name of the component. Additionally, I have been unable to find a part number on the current device.
The object seems to be stuck in the intake manifold and is resistant to removal without significant effort. I am hesitant to use force to extract it, as I fear it may incur damage before I can get a replacement.

The component in issue seems to be a valve and is connected to a vacuum pipe branded "MOT".
Attached is a picture.
It seems like there is a loose ball bearing within the object, causing it to make a rattling noise while the engine is running.

Could someone assist me in identifying the component? Providing a part number would be really beneficial, but even the name of the component would provide me with a starting point. Thank you very much

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Please note that include the vehicle Vin number will considerably assist in processing any requests for component numbers. Even an expert like Codger, who is highly skilled in the complex field of EPC, would consider it less challenging.

Thank you.

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I apologise for the delayed answer. However, I had sent this before leaving the nation for a duration of one month. Regardless..
Thank you very much for the assistance, individuals. Now I will attempt to place an order.
I have tried many motor factors without success, since it seems that the only available source is directly from Mercedes. I received a quotation for somewhat more than one metric tonne for a single unit. However, they do not currently have any units available in the nation, and they are unable to provide an estimate of the time it would take to get one for me. Peculiar!

Postscript: I will make sure to note the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for future reference.
I am gradually becoming more familiar with owning a Mercedes.

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Examine your part to see if it is a Pierberg or a Bosch component, then do an online search. Frequently, there will be two distinct component numbers, one associated with Mercedes and the other with the manufacturer.

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Thank you, another person also brought up this point. Indeed, the particular item in question is a component manufactured by Bosch. However, the only identification number I managed to locate is A1694700293, which has now been verified by physically examining the part installed on the vehicle. None of the motor factors have been able to find any results for this number, and they have confirmed that it is a Mercedes component number. I have dedicated several hours scouring the internet in an attempt to locate a certain Bosch component number, but my efforts have been unsuccessful. It is peculiar that there is no information available in the online Bosch database.

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