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The warranty does not cover the rust on the upper brackets of the rear hatch strut of a 3-year-old Sportage.


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I am feeling rather let down today. This afternoon, I was rectifying a prevalent issue with Kia vehicles: the malfunctioning of the rear washer. I discovered that the rear NRV (non-return valve) was immobilised and extracted its internal components. After reinserting it, the result was a sudden and forceful flow.
While reattaching the trim, I saw that the top brackets for the rear struts had signs of corrosion. It is regrettable that I did not discover this earlier.
I captured photographs and sent them via email to our exclusive Kia Dealer in this area. In response, the dealer informed me that the warranty does not cover the mentioned items.
The automobile is a mere 3 years old and is stored in the garage every night. While I acknowledge the possibility of my error, it is reasonable to expect that the brackets on any automobile, particularly one with a value of £30,000, should have a lifespan beyond 3 years.
I will attempt to acquire the brackets, with the goal that they will not be excessively costly.
Has anybody else encountered this problem?



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Thank you for the responses received so far.
Indeed, I acknowledge that I may have shown an excessive emotional response. However, I remain dissatisfied with the current standard of some fittings.
I will examine the struts tomorrow to see the process of their removal. I own rust treatment and paint that I acquired from past projects.

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My device has had the same issue. Permit a little amount of time for off-road activities.
To support the hatch, it is necessary to utilise a sweeping brush, since a single strut is insufficient to bear the weight. I completed each task individually.
Separate the strut and remove the bracket. Upon observation, one will notice the presence of a slender gasket positioned between the bracket and the body. I created a new one using a slender sheet of plastic. Unless you are able to remove the old gasket without causing any damage.
A thorough massage. I applied a rust inhibitor to the affected area. The object was coated with Halfords Satin black paint after being prepared and applied with precision. Baked in the oven.
The gasket and body were coated with waterproof grease throughout the refitting process.
I have completed one side and still need to complete the other half since winter has taken over.

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Have you attempted to contact Kia customer services yet? Upon requesting a formal explanation as to why it is not included under the anti-perforation guarantee. Subsequently, I would contact Kier customer services to get their confirmation on the cause of corrosion in these specific automobile components and seek clarification as to why they are not eligible for coverage under the anti-perforation guarantee. Ultimately, in that particular place, there has been no occurrence of stone chips or any kind of harm. I will be inclined to escalate problems with Kia customer services personally.

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The warranty and customer service departments operate based on distinct directives, with each department having its own allocated budget and objective. By making a phone call and articulating a well-considered complaint, there is a chance that you may get a favourable outcome, particularly if the department's budget has not been exhausted. Based on my personal and professional experience, it is very advisable to give customer services a chance, particularly if you are a devoted consumer of the business. 👍😁

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Return to the dealership and instruct them to forward the photographs to Kia.
Dealers are not responsible for making warranty decisions. Please provide me with a Kia vehicle.

Can I assume that the automobile has had its yearly bodywork inspection?

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I have been unwell for a few days (I am still experiencing discomfort).
I reached out to our only Kia Dealer, who informed me that he had previously attempted to address this very problem with Kia on behalf of another customer. However, Kia's response was that because they had not experienced any failures, they are not liable to provide coverage.
Regarding the yearly bodywork check, I was informed that there is no authorised Kia representative available here to do the inspection. Therefore, it has not been conducted or certified.
I am now using a wire brush to clean the brackets individually. After that, I am applying an anti-rust coating and then brushing on two coats of Satin Hammerite paint. Unfortunately, the local garage did not have any black aerosol paint available, so I would have to go 50 miles round trip to the next autostore to get it. I am propping up the back hatch with a wooden beam.

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I would want to address the issue that they lack personnel that are trained alongside the dealer. Adhering to the warranty requires servicing the vehicle at an authorised dealership. If the dealership is unable to do the service, an alternative arrangement must be made.

Consider this scenario: a panel develops rust and Kia refuses to cover the repair, just because it was not inspected, even though it had been marked as dealer maintained.

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