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The process and expenses associated with the replacement of a lost key for a F80 M3 will be discussed.

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Greetings, everyone.

I seem to have misplaced the primary key for my 2018 F80 M3, and unfortunately, I am unaware of the whereabouts of the spare key.

Is there anybody who can provide information on the cost and process of obtaining a new one or, preferably, deactivating the old one? I have consulted a few companies listed on Checkatrade, and the most favourable offer I received is £950 for a non-urgent call out. Unfortunately, my two nearby authorised dealerships will not be open until Monday.

I am unconcerned about the possibility of theft due to the additional layers of protection I have implemented. Moreover, I am certain that I can access it via the application, so eliminating the need for anybody to resort to lock-picking methods to get entry.

I have come across information stating that obtaining a new key and reprogramming it from inside the vehicle is all that is required. However, I find it difficult to believe that the process is as simple as it seems.

Thank you in advance

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As said before, the primary dealer will arrange for the delivery of the items based on your chassis number. However, it is important to note that you will be required to provide 27 kinds of identification, along with a letter from the king.

Remember to also place an order for the concealed tangible key.

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Thank you all for your assistance. Tomorrow, I will contact the dealer to inquire about the cost of replacing the barrels for the locks. Out of curiosity, does anyone have information regarding the pricing of these replacement barrels from the dealer? I have confirmed that my insurance covers the locks, but it does not specify how this affects claims or the cost of renewing my policy next year.

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😂😂 A meticulous cleaning is needed instead of spending money on new keys. Fortunately, it was not a visit to the veterinarian, since it would have been as expensive as purchasing a key along with another automobile!

Apologies for the confusion, I now understand that you are referring to the dog carrying the items into the garden, rather than the dog processing and placing them there.

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