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Between the numbers 3 and 30

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Greetings, everyone.
Due to the difficulty of getting in and out of my old 4th generation Mazda 3 hatchback, I decided to get a 2023 Deep Blue Crystal e-SkyActiv X CX-30 GT Sport, which is more convenient for me.
The colour of my Mazda 3 was Soul Red, however I believe that the Deep Blue colour is more suitable for the CX-30.
Observed below while still at the dealership.


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The Mazda 3 has an aesthetically pleasing appearance and offers a satisfying driving experience. However, the CX-30 surpasses it in terms of accessibility, making it simpler to enter and exit the vehicle. It has almost comparable handling capabilities to the 3 and maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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Nevertheless, I am unable to choose my preference...
The CX-30 offers more practicality and I am particularly fond of the blue colour. However, the Mazda 3 is an aesthetically pleasing vehicle.
I want for the United Kingdom to have access to the same range of engine options as are available in the United States. I need an automobile equipped with a 2.5 turbo engine.

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