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Ashtray lid

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I accidentally damaged my ashtray cover while searching for a source of noise. Regrettably, I made a foolish mistake by neglecting to apply tape to the top of it when removing it, resulting in a few noticeable gouges. I intended to purchase a replacement on eBay, but unfortunately, the item has been discontinued. Moreover, the few sellers that advertised the item were unable to provide it as they did not have it available in their inventory. Currently, I own these blemishes, yet I am unable to simply get a substitute. It seems that I can still get a whole ashtray assembly, but it is priced at over $600, which is far more than the expected cost of a $75 replacement.

Currently, I am observing a few alternatives. Initially, allocate the $600 only towards the purchase of a new ashtray. Although I am not enthusiastic about the notion, it is being considered as an option. I could choose for a carbon fibre substitute, however I have reservations about its compatibility with the rest of the centre console. Although I own the carbon interior trim, I am not interested in acquiring a whole carbon centre console. However, I may consider purchasing a few more parts to enhance the overall appearance and achieve a more seamless fit. I also saw big_tasty and his retrim and pondered the feasibility of such an endeavour. Is it worthwhile? What is the method to do that?

I am open to suggestions on the next course of action. Additionally, I am open to acquiring the artwork in excellent condition from anybody. Thank you for any assistance.

Attached is a picture illustrating the extent of the damage.


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Simply get a matte black paint protection film (PPF) and attempt to cover the desired object with it. Alternatively, you may hire a professional to apply a new coat of paint in a matte black finish.

I have seen some such blemishes resulting from the use of a radar detector, but I attribute them to typical deterioration over time.

Life is too brief to be too obsessive-compulsive.

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Should I just communicate with an upholstery shop? I would choose anything that closely resembles or corresponds to the desired criteria. I would also not exclude the possibility of converting additional components into leather in order to provide a cohesive appearance.

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