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odd flaw


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Howdy, Folks

I need assistance identifying a problem, if anybody can. No matter how many BMWs I've owned over the years, I've never seen anything like this. When I turned the light switch to zero (off) on the automobile I bought in Ireland yesterday, the side lights did some strange things. Side lights are supposed to be off after setting to 0, but the OS light keeps on (slightly dimmed, but on) while the NS light (on the left) doesn't work, prompting a fault warning on the dashboard; however, when set to side lights only, both lights come on. There's obviously a problem, but I have no clue where it may have arisen. I'd much appreciate it if you could provide a hand. It's ridiculous, and I don't see why there's a warning when the dial is set to 0. Surely if there was a problem with the wiring, it would become apparent when I turned on the lights. However, when I switch to the side lights, they begin to illuminate.

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Someone had installed a sidelight bulb without the metal holder piece that fits in the black plug, which was the source of the issue. Someone used a regular bulb that didn't have the metal attachment.
In other words, the problem has been solved. I now face a fresh challenge. The light bulb, without its metal cap, has dropped into the headlamp. It was obviously placed there to give the impression that a light bulb was within. Since I only recently purchased it. On Saturdays like today, I've been using YouTube to learn how to change a headlight bulb: I have to remove the little door from the wheel well. So let it all hang out. I can't because I have a disability.A light buildup in the headlight requires a £200 repair at the workshop.

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