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Risk of Critical Malfunction While Operating a Vehicle - All Mistakes

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The car is now immobilised on the A9.

My partner has a 2021 Kia Sportage 1.6 diesel hybrid with the highest level of specifications, and it is a manual gearbox. The car has accumulated a mileage of 21,000 kilometres and we have just acquired it.

While driving on the motorway, the driver experienced a rapid activation of all the dashboard lights, a significant increase in steering effort, and the vehicle veering to the left. The passenger also saw that the automobile seemed to be attempting to steer itself, with the steering wheel exerting strong resistance against the driver's control.

Without a firm shoulder, she would have collided. The automobile partially entered that lane.

My partner was driving and she is a little lady, measuring 5'2" and weighing 55kg - she had difficulty handling the steering wheel.

Upon reaching a halt, the dashboard displayed the following configuration.

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Observation: She had come to a halt, and the tachometer and speedometer had stayed frozen at the speed at which the issue had arisen.

After turning off the automobile, she began receiving notifications indicating that the key was not detected.

Nevertheless, the automobile has been successfully turned on and all functions have returned to their usual state. However, we have absolutely no intention of driving the vehicle. The automobile can remain operational to maintain warmth in the cab, but there is now little confidence in its reliability.

Do you have any hypotheses on the possible causes of the event?

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Additionally, I would like to mention,

Today, I drove the vehicle to work for the first time and I found the lane assist system to be very assertive. My partner mentioned it, but she has little familiarity with a car equipped with lane assist.

The excessive weight of the steering caused a significant increase in difficulty and resulted in the vehicle turning excessively when cornering, in my opinion. I first disregarded it as a matter of the settings, but it fell into a vague realm where I was uncertain if it was intentionally designed that way or if there was something somewhat off about it.

I am quite familiar with automobiles equipped with lane assist - both my Volvo and my prior car have this feature. The firm Toyota offers it, and most rental vehicles have it, especially for business trips. Individuals who are unfamiliar with it may first see it as peculiar, leading them to be somewhat dismissive when my spouse inquired about it. This was the most assertive I have seen lane assist on a car, perhaps surpassing others by a significant degree.

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Considering the recent purchase, I recommend returning it.

However, illuminating in such a manner often indicates that it is operating on a 12-volt power source that is nearing the end of its lifespan.

The effectiveness of lane aid might vary depending on individual perception and interpretation. While some individuals detest it, others are completely indifferent.

It is crucial to signal while crossing a white line when overtaking any object.

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As part of our pre-drive routine, I deactivate the lane help feature every time I start the vehicle. However, it is important to have the car inspected by the seller as soon as possible. If no issues are discovered, it should be documented as a precautionary measure for the automobile.

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Regrettably, it seems that our venture into owning a Kia will be brief and enjoyable.

There doesn't seem to be any issues with the vehicle or the battery.

Currently, it is accurate to state that we have complete lack of confidence in the automobile. The actions taken last night almost resulted in a significant accident. Without any prior indication, the vehicle abruptly attempted to veer us off the motorway, accompanied by a multitude of error lights blinking. Fortunately, it occurred during the late hours of the night when there was no traffic, and the route had a designated area for emergency stopping, which we used to regain control of the vehicle.

I see this problem evolving into a protracted warranty dispute, leaving us with a vehicle that we lack confidence in and have no desire to use. Given that we have already paid £17.5k, this is an undesirable predicament. Since we are still inside the cooling off time after the purchase, we will return it.

Unfortunately, it is an automobile with exceptional specifications.

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When an automobile is just 1 or 2 years old, it seems peculiar to replace it, which causes me to be sceptical whenever I encounter them being sold. Having an elusive and undetectable malfunction would provide a compelling justification for relocating the vehicle. (as you are now doing, transferring the responsibility to the subsequent fortunate recipient). As usual, one must use caution while making a purchase.

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From whom did you purchase the automobile, Kia or an independent garage?

Prior to pursuing warranty claims, ensure that the automobile has undergone maintenance in accordance with the Kia schedule.

The link provided is for a PDF document titled "Kia UK Service Intervals" and can be accessed at https://www.kia.com/content/dam/k

Frankly, I would like the automobile to be rejected. Considering your emotions.

I have less confidence in the reliability of RAC in this situation, since the description you provided exhibits clear indications of a 12V power failure, resulting in the malfunction of the Christmas light display and causing the electric power steering to become very difficult to use.
This results in the absence of any error codes.

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The car was purchased from an authorised Kia dealership last week.

Complete service records from an authorised dealer.

Can the car's tendency to deviate be attributed to a loss of steering control? In the past, I have seen an occurrence of electric power steering failure. The only symptom observed was a significant increase in the effort required to steer, without any accompanying deviation in the steering direction.

The act of tugging is the aspect that is most worrisome. Although it remains hazardous, I could endure the abrupt increase in steering effort. However, experiencing both an increase in effort and a tugging sensation is more difficult to take.

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