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A few of issues?


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I just purchased my first Mazda 3, a late 2011 1.6 Ts, and I'm really satisfied with it so far.
There are a few things that may or may not be issues that I would want to hear from any current owners. The electric door mirrors intermittently run soon after beginning for no obvious reason, and when any of the windows are opened, the seals do not remove either rain from the outside or mist from the inside. I contacted with my dealer, who said that both of these things are common for a Mazda, but nothing of my prior vehicles did any of these things. What are your thoughts?

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Yip I agree with misar and the salesman. Both of my Mazdas, a 2009 and a 2013, have had problems with fogging up, especially when it is very wet outside.

I just got a moisture-absorbing bag at Halfrauds for £10, and it seems to work great. You just put it on the dashboard overnight, and the windows are clear in the morning.

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I don't understand why some cars fog up because I've driven in a lot of heavy rain and have never seen even a hint of fog inside. Maybe because I always leave the temperature setting on auto. I don't know which of the above posters have CC, but if you do, it's a lot easier than using bags that soak up wetness.

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