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Dealer declining warranty repair

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Greetings to everybody. I am curious if anybody has any guidance or recommendations.

I just acquired a new C-Class vehicle, constructed in August and bought in September. Unfortunately, I have encountered an issue with the rain sensor, as it has become detached from the windscreen. I brought it in for a warranty repair, expecting a simple resolution. However, the Service Manager is refusing to service it under warranty due to the installation of a dashcam, with its cable discreetly concealed inside the internal windscreen cover. According to him, the proximity of the wire to the sensor suggests that it may have been detached.

I have clarified that, firstly, the defect preexisted the installation of the dashcam, and secondly, even if it did not, the dashcam wiring is not in close proximity to the sensor itself and so should not have been capable of dislodging a securely attached rain sensor. It seems that they are attempting to evade responsibility for covering the costs of these repairs.

Compounding the issue, he contacted me again today to inform me that the damage cannot be fixed and that the whole windscreen must be replaced at a cost of £600. Previously, he had me an estimate of £300 to have it re-bonded.

I attempted to lodge a complaint with MB UK, but my concerns were dismissed without proper consideration. They just said that the service manager claimed the dash cam was responsible and that I had removed the cover, despite the fact that none of these assertions are true.

Do you have any suggestions on my next course of action? Should I continue with MB International? Is it possible to get the item fixed at a different location without voiding the warranty or PCP agreement?

I am quite angry with them since they do not trust me and are just attempting to avoid assisting me.

Any insights or opinions would be much appreciated.

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