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Does anybody have information on the most recent upgrade for the maps? My automobile has just begun alerting me about the imposition of a congestion fee. The nearest location is around 200 km away from my current location. Interestingly, the warning only manifests when I am travelling in a northerly direction, since there is no levy on traffic congestion while heading south.

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The update mechanism provided by Mazda is too sluggish.
The primary navigation system I use is Sygic, specifically on my Mazda vehicle using the Android Auto platform.
Sygic completes its monthly comprehensive map update for the whole country of Sweden on a OnePlus 12 smartphone in a just 5 seconds.

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By the way, I had an issue with the navigation application. After upgrading to versions 23Q1/Q2/Q3, the points of interest (POIs) ceased to function and the application started crashing. Mazda replaced the primary CMU (central processing unit) and the vehicle is now functioning properly.

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