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Fear-inducing Air Suspension


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I own a 2011 E350 Estate S212.
Last night, I encountered a pot hole which caused the ride to become rough and uneven.
After bringing the automobile back to my home, I examined the wheels and saw that the car is positioned at a greater height above the rear right/drivers side wheel.
The left rear wheel seems to be at its regular riding height, but the right rear wheel arch looks to be elevated, resulting in a much larger gap between the top of the wheel and the wheel arch.
I suspect that there is a problem with the air suspension, but I am uncertain about the appropriate starting point for troubleshooting.
Is there a manual reset option available that does not need a diagnostic kit?
Any recommendations would be very appreciated.

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I had a similar problem with my Cayenne. It was discovered that a level sensor connecting link had fractured due to impact from a pothole. As a result, the suspension automatically adjusted to the fully extended position on that specific corner.

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Exemplary individual,
And an excellent video was shared, which suggests that the issue may be related to the arm's downward position causing an upward pressure on the suspension. I am optimistic that this is the only thing it could be.
Thank you very much

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Brief update
The link arm connecting the air suspension lever had cracked, just as advised.
The arm linkage has been temporarily fixed, and I have purchased and received improved link arms from eBay that have metal inside.
It is expected that they will become more resilient.
We really appreciate the feedback and recommendations.

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The situation was.
I purchased a set and subsequently had both items replaced.
Fortunately, the technician only made contact with the plastic link arm on the side of the automobile that had not yet failed, causing it to disintegrate, when the car was being placed on the ramp for the purpose of replacing the arms.
High-quality replacement components.

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