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Preferred phone options after satellite navigation update

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Greetings, everyone. I just downloaded and updated the most recent satellite navigation update from the Kia website. The process was really simple and easy to follow.
Similar to most updates I have either executed or seen in a workshop setting, I anticipated the possibility of some elements being "lost" or altered as a result of the update.
Today, I discovered that all the contacts I had saved in my phone book were vanished. There is no problem as I have installed these items several times... The issue is in the fact that the system is now preventing me from inputting any data. The star button, which I previously used by pressing on the screen, is now absent. Despite several efforts using various methods, I am unable to input any information into the phone's favourites.
Has anybody else had this issue, and, more significantly, is there a workaround available?

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Yesterday, I made numerous attempts to migrate my contacts from my phone to favourites. I ensured that the option to share contacts was selected each time. However, I was unable in completing the process. Additionally, I noticed that the star button, which was previously used for this purpose, is no longer visible on the screen.
Has anybody had this issue after the installation of the October 23 satellite navigation update?

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The term "star" refers to the astronomical object known as a "AA".
However, have you verified if you are still able to allocate the star button to contacts?
Personally, I use the voice command feature on my phone by just pressing the button and verbally stating the specific phone number I want to call.

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I am able to assign a star to a phone, but I am unable to find an option to assign a star to contacts.
Could you maybe provide clarification on the meaning of "AA" when you mention it in reference to me?

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Posted (edited)

Update.... excuse the wordplay
I have reached out to the Kia Sat Nav helpline addressing this issue.
The functionality of the Favourite button and the ability to place contacts into it were terminated as part of the update on October 23.
The company has received several complaints over this decision, and it is expected that someone in the appropriate department will reconsider and reintroduce the feature in the next update later this year. This situation has caused frustration

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