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Is it feasible to go from a defective CCC to a simple Mask or CHAMP head unit?

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Can I go from my defective CCC (Nav Pro) to the basic Mask or CHAMP head unit?

The current CCC (professional navigation) unit is experiencing frequent reboots throughout the starting process, namely when the BMW emblem is shown. The price of these CCC head units starts at £350 for second-hand units and increases from there.

I would want to inquire if it is possible to downgrade to a simple Mask or Mask-ll or CHAMP head unit.

The previous Mask/CHAMP head units include identical connectors on their rear side. Based on my observation, it seems that modifying the front fascia and other related components would be necessary. However, it remains uncertain if these modifications would be effective.

The main goal is to get data from the car's sensors, such as oil level and engine temperature. If the radio is functional, it would be considered an additional benefit.

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Although my 116i Sport was equipped with a Champ II, I do not remember having the ability to access any engine sensors. The vehicle was equipped with 'sport' dials on the screen, however they were non-functional due to the ECU not transmitting speed and RPM data. There were no more gauges.

The Champ II is equipped with a 6-pin display connection.

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I installed an Android screen and recall that although the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) screen was CIC, the video cable used was NBT, specifically the 6-pin kind. It seemed to be an intermediary option between CIC and NBT.

What are the available connectors on your Navigation Professional unit?

Additional information:


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I am unable to see the functionality of your Idrive screen when used in conjunction with a more recent head unit. I attempted to enhance the size of my 5.5-inch display to 8.8 inches. I thoroughly examined all the components, including the connections, but unfortunately, I was unable to achieve successful functionality.

As already mentioned, a Champ 2 certainly use the distinct 6-pin purple video connector.

Would it not be more straightforward to get a pre-owned machine that is identical to the one you presently possess?

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