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Is there evidence of an oil leak originating from the exhaust manifold gasket?


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Our inventory includes a 2014 CX-9 Sport model with a mileage of 124,000. The presence of a distinct odor like burnt oil and the emission of smoke originating from the frontal region of the engine were observed. After careful analysis, it was determined that the issue at hand pertained to the valve cover gaskets. Consequently, the valve cover gaskets were subsequently changed on two separate occasions. Upon seeing the persistent presence of odor and smoke subsequent to the first occurrence, I deduced that an error had been made on my part.

There is evidence of oil leakage emanating from the upper section of the exhaust manifold in close proximity to the engine's pulling bracket. Upon doing a thorough cleaning, it has become apparent that there exists oil residue in the vicinity of the exhaust manifold gasket next to the engine pulling bracket.

Has anybody else had a similar experience? This is a novel concept to me. There is no presence of coolant in the oil, nor is there any evidence of oil in the coolant. The automobile has not had any instances of overheating. Oil changes are typically recommended to be performed every 5,000 miles.

Any assistance would be much appreciated. I express my gratitude in advance.

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Located at the forefront of the engine is a conspicuous, massive black bracket with a central aperture. I posit that this is one of two methods used for the extraction of the engine from the automobile.

Currently, I am not in close proximity to the vehicle. This is the most optimal picture available on my mobile device.


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I would concur with your viewpoint if I had not replaced the gaskets on two separate occasions. Furthermore, while running my fingers down the cover at the seam, I see a complete absence of oil residue.

The photographs I have sent were taken prior to doing a thorough cleaning of the objects in order to get a more comprehensive visual examination.

Upon doing a thorough inspection of the engine, specifically focusing on the juncture between the exhaust manifold and the engine, I saw the presence of oil seepage in the vicinity of the gasket region while ensuring optimal cleanliness and operating the engine concurrently.

Addressing such issue is beyond my capabilities. I will consult a reputable automotive repair facility to investigate the matter.

I really appreciate your efforts to provide assistance.

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