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The 2007 Mazda6 GY1 Station Wagon is equipped with an Android radio system that includes Bose audio technology.


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Greetings, individuals!

To enhance the functionality of my Mazda6 GY1 2007, I made the decision to get an Android Radio. Naturally, I inquired with the vendor on the compatibility of the product with the Bose System, to which they affirmatively responded.
The installation process proceeded well, without encountering any issues, and subsequent to the installation, all functions, including the automated temperature control, steering wheel, and top display, continued to function properly.
The one issue I encounter is to the absence of audio.

Upon conducting extensive research, I have come across several discussions on Mazda Forums, as well as other relevant sources, that address a common issue. Based on my understanding, it seems that the root cause of this difficulty lies in the fact that the Bose Amplifier requires a separate Power Signal in order to function properly. Unfortunately, it seems that the radios often used in these scenarios do not provide this specific power signal.
It is recommended to establish a connection between the amplifier control and the ACC power, an action that I have attempted.
I have come across a pinout diagram depicting the configuration of the audio/radio connection.


Based on my understanding, the relevant pins are 10 and 18.
The first item listed is a remote control with a power output of 10 amps. The second item is an accessory power supply with an output of 18 amps.

I attempted to establish a connection between the two entities by means of a bridge, but unfortunately, my efforts were unsuccessful.Prior to engaging in wire cutting and soldering, I want to experiment with a temporary and uncomplicated resolution.


My current inquiry is to the accuracy of the aforementioned pair of pins. Have I overlooked any relevant information?
For those that successfully established a connection, what method did you use to interconnect the cables?

We express our gratitude in advance.

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In order to activate the remote, it is necessary to provide a voltage of 12V to the designated terminals, namely the blue and black wires, which are of a gauge size denoted as number 10. Upon successful application of the aforementioned voltage, the remote will emit audible noises.
Could you please provide a hyperlink to the set that you purchased?

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Thank you for providing responses to all the inquiries.
It seems that there may be a discrepancy, since the Bose Amplifier Harness seen in the image does not seem to be located behind the radio. Where is the location in question?
Furthermore, the radio in its original state lacks a 26-pin connector for the amplifier.
I own the authentic Bose subwoofer located inside the spare tire compartment in the trunk, as evidenced by the Bose branding on the respective boxes.

Additionally, it is worth noting that I have a DVD navigation system, which I afterwards uninstalled. Does this alteration have any impact?

This is the radio that I have purchased.
This section depicts the posterior aspect of the recently developed radio device.




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I have located the amplifier situated under the passenger seat. An attempt was made to connect the Blue/blk (Remote) wire from the Bose Harness to the Orange (12V ACC) wire from the Head Unit Harness, but, no audio output was achieved.
Are they the accurate ones?
Prior to soldering any components, I attempted to establish a direct connection with the plug for testing purposes. However, it is possible that the connection was not adequately established.


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I now own a TS7 Android head unit in my setup. I have discovered that a pink wire, which serves as the reverse switch wire in the new Android plug, activates the camera when a 12V charge is applied to the blue/black wire, originally designated for the amp remote in the old plug. As a result, I have made the decision to sever the pink wire, and this modification has proven successful so far. I am presently awaiting the arrival of a CanBUS module, which will enable the functionality of the steering wheel buttons.

Regrettably, I did not capture an image of the subject matter at the present time. However, I intend to do so in the near future.

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The installation of an Android device in my vehicle was facilitated by the use of the Metra adapter kit #99-7523S. The package included the necessary harness and electrical components to ensure the proper functioning of all elements. The product, priced at $260, offers a convenient plug-and-play functionality, however it may not be considered inexpensive.

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I have successfully resolved the issue by also disconnecting the Remote Cable prior to connecting it to the ACC+ terminal.
After performing the soldering process, I have successfully achieved optimal audio quality in the music output.

In the case of android radios, although the colors of the wires may vary, the physical placement of the cables remains consistent.
The pink cable, maybe associated with remote functionality, was severed and afterwards joined to the red wire, which is often linked to the accessory power source (acc+).

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