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The navigation or radio display fails to activate until a phone call is initiated. Additionally, the back camera and parking sensors are now non-functional.


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Greetings, esteemed individuals.

Recently, I made a purchase of a 2013 CL500. However, I encountered an issue with the media screen when I entered the vehicle this morning. The screen failed to function properly, displaying only the air conditioning settings while lacking access to the radio, navigation, or any other features. Interestingly, the screen would temporarily resume normal operation after initiating a connection via Bluetooth. However, as the call concluded, the screen would revert back to a blank state. The Bluetooth functionality on my mobile device has been disabled, resulting in an inability to establish a connection. Consequently, the camera and sensors are also non-operational.

I kindly request recommendations for addressing this issue, since it is causing significant frustration.

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It is presumed that the battery is in a functional state and that a thorough examination of all fuses has been conducted.

It is also presumed that there are no external devices connected to the USB port, UMI media port, or Aux port on the COMAND unit, and that no SD cards or CD/DVDs are currently put into the COMAND unit.

One potential first troubleshooting step is to do a hard reset, which involves either removing the COMAND fuse or disconnecting the battery for a duration of 10 to 15 minutes.

Subsequently, I would proceed to re-flash the firmware, while simultaneously ensuring that it is updated to the most recent version, if the software is not already up to date. While this task may be performed by a Mercedes-Benz dealer, it is advisable to seek the services of an independent expert who has authentic STAR diagnostic equipment.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Comand UK is located in close proximity to your current location. Their website, www.comandonline.co.uk, provides further information about their services. Specifically, its physical address is situated at Junction 3 on the M3, making it easily accessible via the M25.

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I just acquired a warranty from Warranty Wise, and I am hoping that it will not result in significant issues. However, it is frustrating since I was loving the vehicle and had plans to update it with Apple Play. In light of this, would you recommend proceeding with the indicated course of action or prioritising the upgrade to Apple Play?

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