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The Perplexity Surrounding Android Auto in the 2020 W213 Model


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Greetings, everyone.

I am seeking assistance from someone who can provide clarity on this matter, as I am now experiencing a state of profound confusion.

Yesterday, I acquired ownership of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle and I am quite pleased with my acquisition. The vehicle under consideration exhibits a much higher level of satisfaction compared to the two A6 models that were previously operated throughout the last several years.

Today, I attempted to establish a connection with Android Auto, only to discover that the vehicle in question lacks compatibility with the aforementioned system. I conducted an online search using the Google search engine and then contacted several vendors that provide aftermarket Android Auto retrofits. The first business proposed to do the retrofitting project and provided a quotation of £800. According to the second organisation, the recommended course of action is downloading the Mercedes Me App and thereafter procuring the necessary software using such application.

Clearly, it is evident that both assertions cannot be simultaneously accurate. As I engage in more online research using the Google search engine, I find myself increasingly perplexed. I am uncertain as to whether my vehicle is equipped with the MBUX or Command system.

Is there a precise method to ascertain the necessary steps for enabling the functionality of Android Auto?

Thank you so much for your aid.

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I appreciate your suggestion. I am using a Samsung connection that has shown compatibility with Android Auto on my A6 vehicle. Therefore, I infer that it should also function well on the Mercedes vehicle. However, I will proceed to test the connectivity using a few other cords for confirmation.

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I have successfully installed the Mercedes Me application and have seen that the Android Auto functionality is now operational.

Currently, I am faced with the task of determining the appropriate method to enable the application to occupy the whole screen, since a significant portion of the screen is presently allocated to Android Auto.

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This pertains to an automobile, rather than a mobile device.

I had a similar problem with my IONIQ 5 vehicle (not Mercedes-Benz). However, the issue was successfully handled by the implementation of a software update for the infotainment system. This update included a new feature in the form of a selectable 'split screen' option within the menus of the instrument cluster.

The presence of the aforementioned option in your vehicle remains uncertain, as does the potential for its inclusion via a software update, should it be absent. It is important to note that the configuration of this feature is performed inside the car itself, rather than on the phone.

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After doing an investigation this evening, I have just placed an order for an Ottocast device, which is anticipated to provide me with the capability of using Android Auto on a full screen, as well as wireless connection. I will provide an update after a few days to ascertain the efficacy of the intervention.

I also examined the CarLinkit 5.0 device, but my understanding is that it requires a wired connection to the rear of the screen unit in order to provide full screen Android Auto functionality. Personally, I would want to avoid the requirement for such installation.

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Despite exerting considerable effort, I have consistently failed to successfully establish a wireless connection between my Android device and the Ottocast system for Android Auto. The vehicle promptly identified the Ottocast device, enabling me to establish a Bluetooth connection. However, after several tries and extended waiting periods, my phone consistently remained stuck at the 'Looking for Android Auto' stage without any further progress.

I initiated communication with Ottocast, who then made a request for the equipment to be returned. No solutions were provided to me.

Upon receiving a refund from Amazon, I intend to proceed with the purchase of a CarlinKit, with the expectation that it will function as intended.

I will provide an update in the near future.


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The CarlinKit CPC2200-A2A has been received. There were no connectivity concerns seen, since the pairing process between the devices was completed within a few seconds. The performance of Android Auto was flawless, with no discernible latency or delay. The display was flawless; nevertheless, it did not occupy the whole screen. Regrettably, the right half of the screen remained obstructed by the prominent Android Auto branding.

I have placed an additional order for an Ottocast U2-X Pro with the expectation that this subsequent acquisition would prove to be functional. In the event that the process of searching for Android Auto becomes stagnant once again, I will endeavour to update the firmware independently in order to ascertain if this action will effectively rectify the problem.

I will provide more updates to inform you of the outcome. For the time being, we will retain the CarlinKit.

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The second iteration of the Ottocast device had a recurring fault, mirroring the experience seen with the first device. Specifically, the device consistently encountered a delay during the 'Looking for Android Auto' phase.

I established a connection between the device and my computer using Wi-Fi Direct, which verified that the firmware was up to current, therefore ruling out firmware as the cause of the problem.

I came across a Reddit forum that suggested doing a factory reset on the vehicle as a possible resolution. I am pleased to announce that this approach was well. I have successfully achieved optimal functionality of wifi Android Auto in full screen mode.

If other individuals have a similar challenge while attempting to establish a connection between the Ottocast and their automobile, the following steps were undertaken by me:

Perform a factory reset on the vehicle and power it down.
To remove Android Auto data and cache from a mobile device, follow the steps outlined below. If the device has been previously paired, it is advisable to unpair or forget the device in order to prevent any further connection attempts. Perform a system reboot on the mobile device.
Resetting Ottocast is necessary in order to restore it to its original state or default settings. To ensure proper functionality, it is recommended to press and hold the button for a duration of 10 to 15 seconds while the Ottocast device is switched on.
To establish a connection between Ottocast and the vehicle, please follow the necessary steps. Activate the automobile's ignition and allow for a period of time to elapse. It is advised to refrain from engaging in any activities on your mobile device. Upon the lapse of a brief interval, a visual display will manifest itself on the automobile, presenting the user with the option to establish a connection either automatically or manually, and thereafter granting access to a range of rights and functionalities. Please choose "yes" for all options.
Upon completion of the necessary steps, a notice will be generated on your mobile device prompting you to establish a connection with the designated device. Connect the device and allow a brief interval for the Android Auto interface to be shown prominently on the whole screen of your automobile.

This information is intended to provide assistance and alleviate the frustration experienced by those who may encounter similar challenges.

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