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Pollution control problem funding scandal


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Hi, it's been a while since we last spoke.

I just learned that my car has to be recalled next year since it was touched by the Volkswagen emissions issue.

My inquiry is whether or not anybody is aware of any instances where a funding deal was contested or cancelled prematurely as a result of the scandal.

thank you very much

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the response is appreciated.


Actually, I'm thinking about it.  Every year, I put in about 32,000 kilometers of running.  So, I did the best I could with the statistics I had, knowing full well that the automobile wouldn't be very fuel-efficient.  The final worth of the automobile is also likely lower than shown.


I'm on my third Audi and have become very attached to the brand and its vehicles.

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Still unsure on what to do.  I've owned two Audi A3s before upgrading to an A4, and both of them delivered 50+ mpg.


The Avant has a higher thirst.


Not gas, probably diesel, and, sure, a long trip with a lot of sitting.  Appreciate the Q5, but not at that thirsty

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