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SOS system not functioning


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Truly, there is no need for concern if the problem was just momentary. If the issue pertains to navigation, it might perhaps be a first sign of a malfunctioning GNSS antenna. However, it is my belief that the cellular antenna is not as susceptible to failure.

On a cellular phone, any accessible network may be used for emergency calls. However, is this SOS alert specifically referring to the connection between the cellular antenna and the mobile base emergency call server? I am uncertain, but as far as I understand, the accident-related data is sent to the MB server rather than being immediately relayed to the emergency contact centre. The phone call itself may function OK, but the crash data and other related information will not be sent across a "foreign" cellular network.

If a 2019 automobile is experiencing a cellular coverage difficulty, the Mercedes Me services it has should also stop functioning. Test this.

Regrettably, I no longer possess the means to get the latest technical bulletins due to their exorbitant cost. However, there have been several recalls, and it is my belief that a software update sent wirelessly should have resolved any issues for a 2019 vehicle.

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I just had the identical problem with a 2017 C43 AMG.
Have you discovered the root cause and identified a solution to this problem? The Mercedes-Benz dealer in my area has indicated that the problem might perhaps be related to software, but they are unsure. They are requesting that I schedule a diagnostic check, which will cost £165 plus VAT. The vehicle comes with an authorised used warranty, but I am usually suspicious about whether electronic defects will be included in the coverage.
Thank you

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