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trouble with the door latch on a w204 open-side-rear vehicle


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Hello everyone, I would want to express my apologies. I would want to inquire if my current action violates any regulations within this forum or if I have mistakenly posted this in an inappropriate category.

I am experiencing a malfunction with the OSR (Off-Side Rear) door of my w204 vehicle, specifically pertaining to its inability to respond to key-based operations. The door exhibits a failure to perform its intended functions of opening and closing, despite the audible operation of the latch or mechanism. It is my belief that the latch mechanism has become inoperative (although I am uncertain of the specific internal components, maybe due to the rounding off of teeth).

I am now in search of a replacement latch, and although it seems to be a manageable task, I have come across information on many websites emphasizing the need of selecting the appropriate lock due to the existence of different variations. Has this problem been experienced by any other individuals? The user provides two numbers for the left side and two numbers for the right side.

Please see the photograph obtained from a website after inserting my vehicle identification number (VIN).

Any assistance would be much appreciated.


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One should exercise caution and refrain from succumbing to the allure of an aftermarket door lock.
Upon examination, it was seen that the Part number was indeed there; nevertheless, it was noted that the electrical connection had dissimilarities.
The determination of whether the connection is a 4 or 6 pin configuration can only be made upon its removal.
Unless one has exceptional skills, it is advisable to entrust the task of replacing it to a Mercedes independent mechanic. In order to remove the rivets, it is necessary to use a specialized torx bit, which is only available at authorized dealerships' workshops. The work is of poor quality.The torx bit was obtained by my technician from an acquaintance employed at the dealership.

To get the appropriate component, it is recommended to visit the authorized dealer with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
In the month of June, I procured a Mercedes component, which amounted to £202 after applying a 10% discount.

Regarding the part numbers mentioned, it is seen that A204 730 12 35 is included in the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC), however A204 730 40 35 is not found in the aforementioned catalog.

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I appreciate your response.

I proceeded to contact MB with my vehicle identification number (VIN) and received a quotation of £203, inclusive of all charges. However, throughout our conversation, they did not explicitly verify the accuracy of the offered amount.

I was endeavoring to ascertain the availability of second-hand authentic components on the market prior to committing to the complete payment.

I would like to express my gratitude for your assistance about the repair process. I was informed that a torx 30 size tool would be necessary, but I also came across a video that demonstrates the need for an extra long version of this tool while doing the repair in question.

I had initially hoped to achieve some cost savings on this repair; but, regrettably, as I acquired more information, the likelihood of this outcome diminished.

The provided link presents further numerical data, indicating the presence of four right-hand locks for the rear in this instance.

The website provided is a catalog for Mercedes parts.

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The dealer refrains from disclosing the part number until payment has been made.
The purpose of this measure is to discourage you from seeking other options and maybe discovering a more affordable alternative.
It is likely that the cost of this service at the major dealer will exceed £400.

The standard long torx bit is incompatible with the screw used to secure the actuator. Mercedes demonstrates ingenuity by only providing the appropriate tool for removing the specified component.
I would strongly advise against doing this task without possessing the necessary equipment and new rivets to ensure successful reassembly.

The above hyperlink has about ten distinct part numbers for an outer side rear door lock actuator.
However, obtaining the specific component based on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the only reliable method to ensure proper fitment of the item.

The provided hyperlink presents further numerical data, indicating the presence of four right-hand locks for the rear in this instance.

The website provided is a digital platform that offers catalogs and parts specifically for Mercedes vehicles.

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The other digits I discovered were similarly particular to the vehicle identification number (VIN).

I have reached out to a local independent Mercedes-Benz dealership and engaged in a conversation with one of their representatives. The representative expressed their intention to get an authentic lock at a discounted price and offered to install it for a fee of £70. Consequently, I am inclined to go with this arrangement.

I feel a sense of disappointment since I have a personal inclination towards engaging in tasks independently; but, the complexity of the task at hand seems to be quite challenging.

I express my gratitude for the assistance provided.

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What is the optimal pricing for the installation of a door lock?The thumb is a digit located on the hand, specifically on the radial side of the hand
I incurred an expenditure of £100 due to the need of purchasing a second item, since the first acquisition proved incompatible.
In some instances, it is more advantageous to assign certain tasks to individuals who possess specialized expertise. This is one of the options.

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The W204 vehicle that I had experienced a problem with the OSR door, which bears resemblance to the situation you encountered. I applied a penetrating oil into the lock mechanism, which temporarily resolved the issue. However, when the problem recurred, I repeated the aforementioned procedure.

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