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An automated strategy to deactivate lane assist

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The lane assist and other "safety" capabilities are not possible to be permanently removed; they immediately activate with every restart.

If the devices can be manipulated over the CAN bus, it should be quite simple to create the appropriate CAN messages using a compact microcontroller such as the Teensy 4.1 and an interface chip like the MCP2515.

Once I get the opportunity, I plan to scan the canbus to observe the messages created when each feature is activated or deactivated. By doing so, I will be able to connect to the can bus and send a message after every vehicle restart to disable the functions that are bothersome to me. I intended to include DIP switches to enable the selection of desired features or deactivate them. A compact dongle box that is powered by the diagnostic connector would be appropriate.

Although it may be deemed unattainable, I am determined to attempt it.

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In the United Kingdom (and likely across Europe), if you were involved in a collision and the insurance investigator discovered it, your insurance coverage would be invalidated.

Insurers often seek justifications to evade making a payment, and while it may be challenging to detect alterations made to maps and codes, discovering an unaccounted-for box connected to cables would undoubtedly raise suspicions.

Unfortunately, the Mazda Lane Assist system is very ineffective and has already resulted in accidents.

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Currently, my CX60 vehicle is equipped with an XBB auxiliary light that is activated or deactivated using a dongle connected to the CAM bus connection. The approach you provide would need me to decide between this option and the lane assist disabler. Unless you use a dongle that is compatible with both the connection and this particular dongle.
However, I would much appreciate the solution you provide 🙂

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