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Protective covering for door handle cups

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Greetings, everyone.

Purchased the c200 for my spouse. The vehicle she had before was a black XC60. The outer door handle cups were heavily damaged as a result of her wedding band. Being black makes it more apparent.

The Mercedes is silver, which makes it less conspicuous, yet I want to safeguard it.

Could you kindly suggest any goods or films that you have personally tried and found to be successful?

Attempted to do a search on Google, however, the results provided were only generic options that have been criticised by individuals for being incompatible with their vehicles, excluding Mercedes models.

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Not worth the trouble or inconvenience. Occasionally, I ponder the reasons for my repeated actions. One who willingly seeks out and endures pain or hardship. Fortunately, she abstains from participating in online discussion groups. Online activist

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What about any robust or high-capacity (if such a thing exists?) A vinyl wrap that may be readily replaced periodically.

Alternatively, you might purchase a kind of transparent plastic that can be heated to achieve flexibility. Once it reaches the desired pliability, you can shape it accordingly before it solidifies.

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