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There are many codes for the 2011 C220CDi.


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Today, when driving his C220CDI Coupe, Son noticed a decrease in power.
Furthermore, I saw a conspicuous wet streak on the driveway today, which remained visible on the granite stones despite the unfavourable weather conditions.

Enclosed herewith is a screenshot of the codes that were read using my recently acquired Xtool D8W scanner. All codes were recorded as saved, and after erasing them and starting the engine, no indications of their presence were seen.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations to assist him? One individual has proposed the possibility of a split hoover hose.

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I have identified two problem codes related to insufficient power. The first code indicates that the charge movement flap, namely the intake manifold swirl flaps, is clogged with carbon deposits. The second code suggests that the dpf sensor is malfunctioning.

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Yesterday evening, after resolving the codes, my son successfully completed a round trip to Southampton today.

Upon his return, none of the engine-related errors were shown. The only code that remained undamaged was:

The ESP system has detected a defect in the signal coming from component B64/1, which is the brake vacuum sensor.

Last night, a code was presented which I attempted to clear today. However, I was unable to remove it today, despite being able to do it last night.

What is the collective opinion of the hive? Is there a malfunctioning sensor? Basic repair? Or is there something more fundamental and complex that requires further examination?

Despite having additional systems, the Mercedes has far less codes compared to my wife's Ford Focus.

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If the issue is due to the swirl flap, it is likely that he will have repeated instances of limp mode in the future as the components get clogged and then function again... until eventually entering a permanent limp mode state.

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Including Cetane as a component in the fuel package enhances its combustion by increasing its temperature and efficiency.
Aggressively driving a diesel vehicle, as opposed to a petrol automobile, may improve its performance since diesel engines are not designed for sluggish, leisurely, and short trips.
Regarding the resolution of swirl flap concerns, I am sceptical that it can be completely resolved. However, it is possible that the problem may be temporarily delayed if the engine is subjected to more intense use.

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