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There is a knocking noise coming from the front suspension.

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Greetings, individuals.
I apologise for the potential triviality of this issue, but it has been one year since I first noticed a noise emanating from my front suspension. Despite my efforts, I have been unable to determine the source of the noise, which is why I am seeking assistance.
To elaborate on my issue, I am experiencing a knocking or clucking sound originating from the front right suspension of my vehicle. This noise is sometimes heard while encountering significant bumps and always happens after making a quick left turn, specifically when the pressure on the right wheels is relieved.
I have previously replaced the stabiliser bar links, and there is no noticeable movement in the steering, bushings, or shock absorber bearing. The spring is in good condition.
We appreciate and encourage your assistance.

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All the bushings seem to be in excellent condition, as I checked them by applying leverage with a bar while the vehicle was raised. Additionally, the shock mount seems to be in good condition, as there are no visible fractures and the bearing is functioning well.

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The drop link is indeed reliable, however I am unsure of the appropriate methods for checking the shock mount without removing it. Do you possess the knowledge to verify that?

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