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Vehicle inspections before buying


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It would probably be advisable to bring along a friend who "knows about cars" 

Try to visit on a Saturday or Sunday so the salesperson has more time to show you the vehicle since they are less busy then. 

Be really direct and businesslike with the salesperson when you initially arrive if you want him to respect you and save you time. Use the words "cash mate, no bits" to let him know that you are only willing to pay cash. This will highlight the fact that you are prepared to close a transaction; salespeople despise wasting time getting loan estimates; money is king.

The engine should be started cold and given a good rev for two to three minutes after inspecting the vehicle. The dealer will see that you both are knowledgeable about mechanics and are serious people to deal with if you do this and ask your friend to lay on the ground and examine beneath the vehicle from the driver's side. 

Make sure to thoroughly inspect each tyre with your hands as well. You may get a little filthy, but it's a fantastic method to ensure that the tread depth is consistent throughout the tyre. If it isn't, the vehicle may have been in an accident and the damage wasn't properly fixed. 

Examine the paintwork very carefully since even a little blemish on a panel might conceal a significant prior restoration. 

Ask for a test drive if you like the vehicle. and you're on the road, and you've reached around 20 mph, suddenly zigzag left and right to test the steering. If there are any speed bumps in the area, you should attempt to hit them as quickly as you can to check the suspension and shock absorbers. 

By revving the engine to 5000 rpm and then shifting up and down a gear, you may check the clutch to determine whether it is sliding or not. 

Whatever your opinion of the clutch may be, let the salesperson know that you believe it needs to be replaced since it is worn. If you ultimately decide to purchase, this will be a useful negotiating chip. 

Get your friend to check the electrical systems, raise and lower the windows and cycle through the radio settings while adjusting the volume while you are doing all of this. With the windows closed, turn on the heater and fan to their maximum settings to make sure they both function. 

After doing all of this and deciding that you like the automobile, you can next attempt to negotiate a price if you want to purchase it. 

If you want any tips on how to obtain the greatest bargain, I'll be delighted to provide further information later.

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1 minute ago, colinallcars said:

You want to buy a car as a customer?

If so, none. From my experience, they will think the car is junk, and both the seller's time and your money will be wasted. If you have to, find a smart tech and take him with you.

Yes, issue is I'm in Northern Ireland and wanting to buy from the mainland. If they send me a report detailing faults if any I can still make a decision from that. 

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2 minutes ago, rab60bit88 said:

I can see that your issue is that you ate far from carswithnoreservereading. 

Have you asked if they have other locations closer to you where they could relocate the vehicle for you to observe it? 

What automobile is it and how much does it cost? 

No, they are just in Reading; anyway, to reach to any other part of the continent, I would need to take a boat or a flight. I've been keeping an eye on their eBay website for a sale, but not specifically for a vehicle. Have you ever utilised a car inspection service?  

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