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C63 W204 Tires


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Greetings, everyone.

I am now in the process of replacing the tires on my 2012 C63 vehicle.
Do the majority of owners choose for the PS4 or the Eagle F1s?

The size of my wheel is 18 inches; however, I am uncertain whether this dimension has any significant impact.

I am grateful for your guidance.

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I opted for the Coni Contact 6 tires on my 204 model with a wheel size of 19 inches, and had no problems. However, it should be noted that these tires have a quite short lifespan. Additionally, I have just purchased PS4S tires for my W205 model, but have not yet installed them as I am awaiting the arrival of new wheels.

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I am uncertain due to my lack of expertise in this area.
I have just acquired the V8 and am now in the process of familiarizing myself with its functionalities. The proposed approach is intended to be neither confrontational nor severe, and it will include a financial coverage of around $6,000 to $8,000 per year.

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The availability of UHP tire options is more favorable for 18-inch sizes compared to certain 19-inch sizes, which may limit the selection to UUHP tires such as the MPS4S and Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport.

In order to enhance dry performance, the 4S and Supersport tires exhibit increased noise levels and comparatively worse wet performance when compared to some ultra-high-performance (UHP) tires such as the MPS4 and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5.

However, it is important to note that the information provided mostly pertains to hot laps conducted on a track. Therefore, the findings may not necessarily be applicable to real-world road conditions. Nevertheless, it is crucial to carefully analyze any data related to wet braking and aquaplaning, since these factors may significantly impact vehicle performance and safety.

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