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Are there any issues associated with the 3.3-liter petrol engine?


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Are there any individuals who possess a vehicle with a 3.3-liter petrol engine present on this forum?

I acquired a 3.3-liter gasoline-powered vehicle that was produced in July of 2023. Currently, there are no significant concerns and the vehicle operates well.

I am keenly monitoring the CX90 on the North American market, which is equipped with the same engine and gearbox. It seems that the majority of issues arise from plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models.

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There are no significant issues present in this context. Thus yet, there have been just a limited number of minor concerns. The construction of a project in Japan is scheduled to commence in June 2023.

At a certain juncture, the suspension system had contact with a pothole, resulting in a clanking sound or reaching its lowest point. The situation was very awkward, given that we had an acquaintance present in the vehicle. The presence of a newly manufactured vehicle emitting a pronounced metallic noise inside the interior compartment is deemed unfavourable. It is unclear how they were able to mishandle the situation. Mazda asserts that there is no issue present in this situation.

Another minor concern is to the improvement, but not complete resolution, of the driveshaft vibration issue. During instances of intense acceleration, the vehicle experiences a noticeable shudder or tremor within the mid to high range of revolutions per minute (RPM). Although not a significant obstacle, it is nevertheless disconcerting for a just purchased vehicle.

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Indeed, your observation is accurate. However, considering the perceived superfluous intricacy and the evident challenges encountered with Mazda's existing SUV models, the matter at hand is not a matter of if this will occur, but rather a matter of when it will transpire and, in this particular instance, the extent of the financial implications.

However, due to Mazda's provision of a six-year guarantee to all customers, the level of concern over this matter is expected to be minimal. The service provider will do the repair without any charge. However, under the present conditions, the depreciation of this vehicle will be very pronounced. There is a general lack of desire for the product beyond the period covered by the warranty. This phenomenon is once again resulting in a direct financial detriment to individuals.

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I have seen the aforementioned film, and it has a considerable degree of informational value. In my perspective, the individual in question has used the term "problems" in an erroneous manner. It would be more precise to use the term "concerns"; but, this alternative phrasing may not generate a comparable level of online engagement.

Fuel injection, ABS brakes, power steering, and catalytic converters were considered to be superfluous complexities. There is a lack of complaints about these matters in contemporary times. In the event of a power steering failure, the necessary repairs are undertaken to rectify the issue. Indeed, automobiles have seen a significant increase in complexity, resulting in a corresponding rise in maintenance costs. However, Mazda, along with other brands such as Toyota and Koenigsegg, faces the same challenge.

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