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Mazda CX60 parked and locked, strange sounds heard.

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Greetings, Everyone!

I own a 2022 Mazda CX60 Takumi PHEV, which I acquired on November 24, 2023. The automobile is experiencing problems as outlined in forums, such as short range, erroneous range display, and creaking sounds. Today, after parking in front of my home and turning off the vehicle, it automatically locked. Approximately 15 minutes later, when I attempted to restart the automobile, it produced a persistent clicking noise that continued even after I unlocked and entered the vehicle. The activity ceased after I started the engine. Below is the link to the video I created on the unusual sound. Please see it: https://streamable.com/1z67ld

Has anybody had a similar issue? This is pretty alarming! I would also want to find out where I may get information on the precise manufacture date. The B-pillar badge lacks information, Mazda Europe registration using the GEPC app only indicates the 2022 manufacturing year, and the labels on engine components have October 2022 dates. Thank you for your assistance!

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I shared this in the cx90 group and was sent here by someone. Any new information? My device produces similar unpredictable sounds. The dealership was unable to identify the issue, and Mazda HQ service has no record of such occurrences. It seems they do not document these problems for comparison.


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