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Why is it so hard to find oil filters for engines?


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Just a quick note. I have always performed the preponderance of maintenance and services on my vehicles, including hundreds of oil changes, for the past 30 years. It amazes me how difficult it is to locate an engine oil filter for my 2020 Sonata 2.5L. This is a fairly common automobile, and there are many of them on the road; it is not an exotic or uncommon vehicle. Throughout the years, it has been uncommon for me to be unable to locate an oil filter for one of my vehicles in a local autoparts store. Here is a list of weekend events:

Autozone - the nearest stocking store was 40 miles distant.
There are no Advance Auto Parts in stock within 50 miles.
The O'Reillys website stated that the item was available at the local store, but when I went there they could not locate it. Called the next-closest location where the website also indicated they had one, but they were unable to locate it there either.
According to the website, the nearest NAPA store was 30 miles distant.
Walmart - no inventory, three-day dispatch
I had previously attempted to order a 3-pack online, but I kept receiving the incorrect part (complete spin-on style filters instead of cartridge replacements). Be wary of Amazon's generic, no-name filters.

Ordered a Wix from O'Reilly's and received it the following day. Although it is not a significant issue, I still find it peculiar.

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Most of these cars probably still come with free maintenance, so most of their owners just take them to the shop. My shop has been running a deal where you can get the oil changed, the filter changed, and the tyres rotated for about $60. Not bad, especially since they are using 0W-20 that is made of 100% synthetic oil. Before the Quaker State oil change, they used M1.

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4 minutes ago, rab60bit88 said:

Similar to the 26300-35505 cartridge filter, the filter for your 2.5L engine is making the switch to use in other engines. That might be a contributing factor.

There has been a surge in the production of cartridge oil filters ever since the introduction of SMARTSTREAM versions.

Other guy claims it's "hard to find oil filters," but we purchase each flavour a couple of cases at a time, and frequently more cases depending on how popular it is for daily usage, so I don't think that's a genuine issue. The vast majority of stores selling auto components have distribution hubs from which they get parts, and O'Reilly in this area has a hub in one of its local stores. This means that customers may expect their orders later that day or t

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1 minute ago, DreamCatcher88 said:

I continue to believe that Kia/Hyundai made a grave error by installing a cartridge-style oil filter on the 2.5L Turbo engine instead of a spin-on/canister-style oil filter.

I think that not sticking with the 35505 filter time is the biggest mistake.

Now, my part, people have to look up filters by VIN, and there are all kinds of loose filters under the counter, which is a mess.

Then we have 1 filter that if not pay attention, the spare part in the kit can get lost in the bore of filter, and sucked up the pipe and restrict oil flow, causing damage, and MIL, to which HMA people watching GDS for the low oil pressure code when found during scan, and they will call dealer asking what caused this code you found, been there, had to ask the dude which VIN, this my 2nd this week now.

Before I leave the part counter, I get that filter, rip the box open, and throw the extra part in the trash.

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"Now, my part, people have to look up filters by VIN, and there are all kinds of loose filters under the counter, which is a mess."


If it is a 2021 Kona 1.6T, the part number is 26300-35505. After 2022, 26350-2000. Unless it is the 2022-2023 Kona N, the 26300-35505 will return.

There are numerous opportunities for error, without even contemplating the various cartridge components.

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The part about the free service makes some sense. I've never used that service because the closest store is 30 minutes from home and 45 minutes from work, and Saturday is the only day I could get there. If I didn't, I'd have to drive down there at night to drop it off and have someone pick me up, and then I'd have to do it all over again the next day. Just for me, saving $45 and the 30 minutes it takes me to do it at home isn't worth the trouble. Two people would have to drive 120 miles and more than two hours to drop off a car and pick it up the next day.

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