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The Parking Eye dash cam is now unable to exit parking mode.


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Greetings, I hope you can assist me. I just bought a 2015 BMW 1 Series M Sport with a facelift. The vehicle came equipped with a BMW Performance Exhaust (PE) cam, as well as front and rear cameras.
The seller informed me that the device requires servicing. Upon activation, it immediately enters parking mode. I would really appreciate any assistance. Is it possible that the issue is with the SD card?
Thank you very much

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Thank you for your replies. I attempted to disconnect the device for a duration of thirty minutes and performed a reset by inserting a pin, but unfortunately, it did not resolve the issue. Regrettably, because it is a first-generation device, there is just a power button and no available settings.
Is it worth attempting to format the card? If so, should it be formatted as FAT32 or NTFS? Additionally, is it necessary to include any other files on the card?
Thank you.

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Reformat the file system to FAT-32 and it is not necessary to keep any files.
Prior to formatting, it might be prudent to duplicate the card's contents into a designated folder as a precautionary measure.

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