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As a current owner of an Audi Gen 1, I am contemplating upgrading to the Gen 2 model after a period of 9 years.


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I have own my 2014 R8 V10 Plus for a decade, and I continue to have great affection for this vehicle, with no intentions of parting ways with it. Nevertheless, considering the fact that the automobile has reached a decade of age, I am contemplating the idea of upgrading to Generation 2.

If somebody has possessed both, what are your reflections. Has anybody had any remorse after upgrading to the second generation?

Does the driving experience significantly improve?

The R8 in my possession is a bespoke Audi model with an abundance of carbon fibre components and a unique cabin. The outside paint is a really uncommon shade known as Suzuka Grey Matte, in my opinion.

I have included photographs of a 2020 R8 that captured my interest, along with the R8 I now own.

Will I experience remorse or feel a sense of disappointment over it?



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Although Spyder offers a distinct driving experience, I believe you will ultimately regret your decision.

If your intention for this discussion is to persuade you against upgrading, then I strongly recommend that you allow yourself to be convinced against it. If it is possible to own all options, it is advisable to do so. However, in this case, you have acquired the R8, which is the highest quality model available, equipped with very uncommon enhancements directly from the manufacturer.

Additionally, opting for a black automobile may lead to regret since it seems stunning just momentarily after being washed and meticulously cleaned, until it quickly accumulates dust particles, necessitating another round of washing.

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I transitioned from owning a R8 Gen 1 V10+ to acquiring a Huracan, which is somewhat comparable to the R8 Gen 2. Overall, I have been quite content with my decision. It is unquestionably much faster than the first generation. While I do like some elements of the R8, such as the analogue tachometer and its sleek, timeless look, I also find myself preferring certain characteristics of the Huracan, such as its more contemporary MMI system and faster-shifting gearbox. Prioritise test-driving a Gen 2 before making a decision, since it will provide a drastically different experience compared to the Gen 1, regardless of its appearance. If you want more performance, advanced technology, and enhanced comfort, it is likely that you will find more satisfaction with the newer automobile.

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