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C-Class W205 Rear Bench Removed


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Hello, I plan on removing the driver's seat to bring it to the trimmers; he told me there were just four bolts and two electric connections to unclip from my 2016 C-Class AMG Premium Line. If I turn the key in the ignition, the seat has to be recoded when I put it back in, he warned me.
Thus, inquiries.
Could I Disconnect the Battery? Exactly which one would you recommend if so?
I'm not sure how long he'll have it, so I'm wondering if I can put it off for a few days.
Or can I simply open the vehicle, remove the child seat, and leave it unlocked in the garage?
It may lock itself, after all.
Thanks for your assistance, but I'd like not have to take it somewhere else to get it programmed.

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Take off the minus cable from the battery.
It is possible to leave a battery unconnected for long periods of time.
Don't bother bringing it in, just leave the garage door open.
Don't turn the key in the ignition yet!

When you reconnect the batteries, it's possible you'll need to reset the windows.
Turn the key on, lower each window individually until they are all the way open, then raise and hold the button for 10 seconds. The window settings should be restored after that.

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Last year, I had the Artico seat coverings on my P Plus W205 replaced with leather, but the trimmer forgot to unhook the battery. After reattaching the seats, he plugged a "STAR" type dongle into the socket located behind the steering column to reset any malfunctioning sensors.
He had retrimmed a few W205s and had a fairly fast technique to strip them, so he was able to remove and reinstall the covers on each seat in about 50 minutes.
He started by knocking off the two "C" clips holding the seat to the frame with a tiny hammer, then he removed the plastic trim from beneath the front of the seat. YouTube tutorials recommend using a drill to remove the pop rivets from the seat's side, but we found another, faster method. The only major challenge is removing the cover from the rear of the seat without destroying it.

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I appreciate your feedback, It's the typical breaking of the rear side bolster; I fixed it a few years ago, but repairs don't last forever, so I decided to have it retrimmed in leather. I was given a recommendation, but now he wants me to move the chair.
I was wondering if anybody in the Essex area could suggest a good seat trimmer. Although I now call Romford home, I am willing to relocate for the right person. say, 30 miles
I appreciate your assistance; I believe I saw a listing for a property in Colchester or Chelmsford on a website around six months ago, but I was unable to locate it via a search.

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Find a used seat on eBay if you want to save money while keeping the rest of your Artico interior intact. Most people don't know that the coverings for the driver's and passenger's seats are identical, which means that a passenger's seat has a greater chance of yielding a high-quality replacement. This eliminates the need to remove the rear cover when swapping out simply the base.
Possible to use locally sourced breakers for the foundation.

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