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Engine replacement

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I own a 2012 V10 motorcycle equipped with a blown motor.
A V10+ motor manufactured in 2014 has been found. I would want to inquire whether anybody is aware of the feasibility of this.
Is it necessary to replace the ECU? Any potential complications that may arise when a new motor is introduced into a gated automobile, such as an automatic gearbox. We really value any feedback.

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According to the information provided, it is necessary to replace the instrument cluster for the immobiliser. In the context of R-Tronic to Gated wiring, it is recommended to use a plug-n-play approach when connecting a motor from an R-Tronic vehicle to a gated vehicle. Regarding the remaining wiring components, I am uncertain.

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If the factory + tune is unnecessary, are I allowed to use my existing ECU and immobiliser to install the engine?

I am now engaged in the process of obtaining visas.

Given that my vehicle is equipped with a dual turbo and a personalised tune, it would be preferable if I could avoid the need to reprogramme another ECU.

I am also seeking a reputable establishment in close proximity to Reno, NV. I would much appreciate any ideas. Thank you.

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