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Integrate B9 (S5) Seats into the Gen 1 R8 System


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Greetings, everyone!

I just acquired a set of B9 S5 Super Sports chairs at a reasonable price. These seats, similar to the Mk3 TT seats, are completely motorised and have bolster and lumbar adjustment, as well as massage and heating controls. I am attempting to decipher the wiring in order to make alterations to the wires that connect to the outdated connections.

There is a total of four connections.

The power adjustment feature, specifically available on the R8 comfort seats, is labelled as RED.
GREEN: Functions of seat heating
BLACK: Unidentified (Wiring for seat belt connector)?
YELLOW: Airbag

The S5 chairs are intricate and equipped with a dedicated controller unit that necessitates CAN and LIN connections. This controller unit is responsible for controlling the lumbar, bolster, and massage functions. Based on my current understanding, the power, airbag, and heating systems are functioning well. However, the vehicle does not have an MMI interface to regulate massages. However, it is feasible to change the bolster and/or lumbar by connecting a LIN bus to the controller unit. There is conflicting information about this matter, with reports indicating that the bolsters are effective in the driver seat but not in the lumbar region. Currently, if I am able to establish a functional electricity and heating system, any other things are considered advantageous. I am now in the process of organising and doing testing on the wire components prior to investing on their appropriate trimming for permanent integration into my vehicle.

I am experiencing some perplexity over the heating (GREEN) connection and am curious if anybody has conducted a comparable refit that might provide assistance.

The wiring for the R8 seems to be as follows:


A wiring diagram for the S5 seat heating is shown below: A 550.5 KB file hosted on MEGA.

And now, let's address the topic of R8 seat heating: MEGA file size: 110.5 KB

We would much appreciate any assistance.

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Upon examining the hardware connection of the S5, it is evident that the Power and Ground wires should possess a much greater thickness. In addition, it is advisable to first trace the ground since it is often denoted with more clarity in these diagrams.

That is the manner in which I would begin the tracing.

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The thickness of the wires on the heater for the S5 is not comparable to that of the ground and power cables on the R8. There are three cables of equal thickness, and one cable that is much thinner, similar to the thickness of a canbus cable.

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Upon examination, it seems that pin 6 and pin 5 both possess a voltage of 12 volts, hence rendering the thickness unnecessary since the resulting current will be comparatively less. A distinct power source is allocated to the Backrest, whilst the seat and bolsters are supplied with an additional power source.



It is likely necessary to divide the thick power cable originating from the R8 heater wire into two separate heater wires.

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However, the number of wires on the connector of the S5 is equivalent to that of the plug on the R8. If your suggestion is accurate, it is expected that the S5 plug would be connected to another cable.

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