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Greetings, everyone.


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Hopefully, I will soon become an owner of evoque.

Examining a Dynamic Lux on the weekend The vehicle has 13 plates, 2.2 SD4, and has accumulated 60,000 kilometres. It is black.

Transitioning from a 2014 Insignia estate after a period of 5 years without any issues, I am now in search of a 4x4/SUV/RR that is more convenient for my spouse to enter. She has expressed dissatisfaction with the low height of the insignia. I wanted something that exudes a touch of opulence.

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The Evoque and premium vehicles provide a comprehensive range of features, although they are not without their drawbacks. Ensure that you thoroughly investigate and verify all information, since there are several discussions and postings on this platform pertaining to the acquisition of an Evoque. Wishing you the best of success, and as the saying goes, if something is not visible, it is not present (photos of your pride and pleasure).

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Desired a larger and more accessible vehicle, since the missus is dissatisfied with the existing car's low height. Considered the option of a 2012-2015 model A8, which is considered understated and offers a good value for the price. However, some of the components are fairly costly.

Missus's acquaintance has an evoque, which she believes may possess wingbacks due to its interior being entirely made of red leather. She has personally seen the vehicle and found it to be delightful and sleek.

Due of the limited space available in the vehicle, one of the children, who is 6'4" tall, will be accompanying me tomorrow.

The vehicle must be an automatic vehicle, specifically a range rover. Additionally, the wife has the ability to drive it sometimes, but only with an auto licence. She will be turning 40 in a few months, so she will be receiving a cat instead.

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Short update... I went to the dealership, but the dealer neglected to record my arrival in the book. I arrived at a unit that was closed and locked. I arrived before the opening time, but half an hour after the opening time, there was still no customer present. I promptly contacted the dealer, who informed me that he was delivering another car to a customer because he believed he had time available on that day.

I had planned to go up this weekend, but he arrived at my workplace yesterday instead (covering a distance of approximately 50 miles). The test drive was satisfactory. The car was a non-smoker, so there were no unpleasant odours or changes in colour. Although I didn't have time to explore all the features, the ride was smooth, the seats were heated and electric, and the sensors and camera work were satisfactory. The stereo was nice, but not important to me.

Both parties have agreed on a part ex value and accepted an offer today. Therefore, we will collect the payment on Thursday.

I will upload photographs after they have been gathered and polished. The vehicle in question is a 63-plate dynamic LUX with a black and cream leather inside.

The anticipation is palpable.

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Greetings, everybody.

Recently, I purchased our first Evoque, a 2012 Dynamic SI4 petrol, in the colour triple black. My wife's Audi Q5 - diesel was replaced due to the ULEZ expansion, which compelled us to make a change. Thus far, we are really satisfied with the car's smooth driving experience. It is amusing to see that my wife need a few trips to acclimatise to the transition in power delivery from the diesel Q5. There are a few small issues with the vehicle. The previous owner had serviced it shortly before we purchased it, but we are having trouble resetting the service indication. We have read that this is a common problem, but we are open to any suggestions to fix it. Additionally, the keyless entry system is not functioning properly. Experimented with the process of reactivation, since the former owner claimed to have impeded it due to residing in a region with elevated risk factors. If there are any techniques or other methods known to reactivate, it would be much appreciated. Greetings


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