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Speed limit indicators on an overpass


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Today, on my way back from the shore, I was nearly under an orange speed sign that read 50 miles per hour, then 40 miles per hour, and finally clear. I was so preoccupied with the vehicles cutting over in front of me at the last minute that I didn't even see the sign until I was almost under it.
I assume I'm OK, but just in case, I've never had a speeding ticket in my 43+ years of driving, so it won't hurt to ask. What do the orange signs mean—are they digital or just "advisory"?

There's always been some danger involved, but I've always followed the instructions to the letter.

For obvious reasons, I didn't want to slam on the brakes, and it appeared like the vehicles in front of me were going to keep going at around 50 mph, but when I checked my rearview mirror, I saw that the cars behind me were slowing down. Since the gantries are so close together, 25 seconds of driving at 50 mph would result in

Just curious; will be more careful in the future (btw, getting off at the Blackfen junction involved half a mile of traffic and so many inbreds bullying their way in near the turning and over the solid white lines with the last few feet of the turning; one was a small white van; the guy in front of me refused to let him in; however, his vehicle was a new(ish) landrover, and the bully got out of his van and approached the other vehicle.##

I count myself lucky that I've never had a long commute to work.

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Take special care to spot the grey ones on the northern side of the M25. You have a good probability of spotting a street light if you leave an area where there are street lights and enter an area where there are none. Keep an eye out for them in the area between the M11 and M25 and J25 on the A10.

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My personal favorite are the gantry signs that emerge out of nowhere, warning of impending nuclear attack and instructing drivers to immediately slow down to 50 miles per hour, then 40, then 30, and then END, even though anybody with even little nearsightedness can see that the road is clear all the way to the horizon.

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