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Resolution for BMW 330e live cockpit issue causing screen blackout

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We had an issue with our 2020 BMW 330e vehicle.

When the Live Cockpit area becomes overheated, attempting to start the vehicle causes the screen to shut off and remain inactive until it has cooled down. Upon the next ignition, the automobile undergoes a recovery process.

I brought the automobile to the BMW representative who performed a reprogramming of the software. Subsequently, they replaced simply the LCD. Regrettably, the issue persisted and I returned the screen. All the efforts incurred an estimated cost of 300 Euros, with the only alternative being a total replacement, which comes at a much higher price of over 1,800 Euros.

After doing a search, I discovered a solution to lower the temperature on the Live Cockpit by implementing a passive cooler, which only costs 5 Euro. Since implementing this solution, I have not had any more issues.

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Indeed, you are correct. The situation seems to be somewhat unfavourable, but fortunately, the issue has been resolved. If you are able to locate a sufficiently slim passive cooler that can be inserted underneath the CPU, that might be advantageous.

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