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Safety Belts, Three Point


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Unfortunately, the Beams front three-point seat belts are not only difficult to tighten but also often fail to lock on the driver's side. Another feature I'd like is a two-piece belt setup that lets me unhook the shoulder strap from the lap belt and slide it through the tonneau cover's cutout. I'd also want to be a little bit taller and have Brad Pitt's physique.
In whose hands is this tool? Recommendations?

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Our BT7 also has BCS seat belts. I'm not sure how the existing shoulder/lap belt configuration would function with the tonneau. I fabricated the nut/bracket used to attach the retraction mechanisms to the studs in the wheel wells. The BCS-supplied bracket just required one stud. Able to snap a photo if required.

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I'm not sure whether I'll be able to drive comfortably, but at least I can get in. Have put some miles on it (including travels to the Vermont Conclave and the Eurofest in South Carolina).

With a center shift gearbox, the vehicle's interior is more spacious than it would be with a side shift. The vehicle's Moto-lita dished steering wheel creates a little additional legroom. Be equipped with an OEM hardtop. Even though I've never tried on a soft top, I have a sneaking suspicion that it provides greater headroom than the standard hard top.

Some angle iron was welded to the front of the seat base, while some flat stock was soldered to the interior. The floor-facing edge of the base was reinforced with a square stock piece using welding. The floor was leveled out a little bit where it narrows and widens above the spring mount. New screw holes were drilled. Because of this, I was able to slide my seat backward and closer to the transmission. The seat's tilt was also improved by moving the pivot point higher. It's possible I'll have to rebuild the rails of the seat, lengthening the studs so I can use tapered spacers to tilt the whole seat. However, the damage I've done can be undone by putting in a new seat bottom.

To hide the dip switch, I installed a dead pedal cover. Some time ago, an item appeared in a publication aimed to club members. The dip switch is normally accessible by flipping the cover up, but its proximity to the dead pedal on my bike allows me to just push down harder on the pedal to activate it.

The accelerator pedal may also need some adjustments. The curved plate is pushed forward by removing the small portion of rod in front of it.

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