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Purchasing a certified Mercedes-Benz vehicle from Inchcape. Should I also get the extended warranty?


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I am contemplating the purchase of a 2017 E220D (certified Mercedes) and swapping my current vehicle as part of the transaction. Could you provide me with any recommendations on the aspects I should inspect during the test drive?
Can I get a complimentary Inchape 2 or 3 year extended warranty if I finance the vehicle with them?
I was informed that the cost of the extended warranty amounts to around £1200 for a duration of two years.
Is the warranty provided by Inchcape as reliable as the one offered by Mercedes-Benz?

Will the warranty be invalidated if I finance the vehicle and get the extended coverage at no cost, but then pay off the bill within 6 or 12 months?
The Inchape part exchange offer is around $2,000 lower than the suggested asking price on Autotrader. May I inquire about the possibility of receiving a more favourable part exchange offer?

Apologies for the multitude of inquiries.
Assistance in any kind would be very appreciated.

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You may be under the impression that "MB approved used" indicates that the automobile will undergo comprehensive preparation and any defects will be addressed prior to your receipt of the vehicle. Based on several postings on this platform throughout the years, it is evident that assuming anything is not advisable. The automobile requires an inspection and the service history must be verified. You should examine it as if you were purchasing it from an individual seller. There have been several reports of "approved used" cars being inadequately prepared in the past. I suggest retaining possession of your current vehicle and then selling it via private means if you are satisfied with the new automobile. This approach ensures that you will have a vehicle at your disposal in the event that you decide to decline the new one.
I recommend accessing the internet and familiarising yourself with the terms and conditions of the MB extended warranty. This warranty is essentially an insurance policy that is offered by a third party. Ensure that you carefully review the list of goods that are specifically prohibited. Upon my examination, I found the extensive list of excluded items to be very unexpected and notably distinct from other high-quality warranties for pre-owned vehicles.

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1. Disregard the 'Approved Used' designation and thoroughly examine the automobile as if you were purchasing it from an individual seller on eBay - carefully evaluate all aspects. Two times. Indeed.

2. Request a hard copy of the service history prior to finalising the agreement. Either in physical form or as a PDF document. Avoid accepting a brief overview in an email or a superficial examination of the salesperson's screen.

3. Inquire about the whole service history, including any repairs, whether the automobile was serviced by the same dealer or within the same network. However, they may refuse to provide this information to you, invoking the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

4. Any agreements made with the salesperson about new tyres, new brakes, bumper scuff repairs, or repairs to worn leather must be fulfilled before to pickup. If you arrive to pick up the automobile and find that anything is not prepared, regardless of how little it may be, refrain from taking possession of it. Instead, request that the responsible party inform you of the anticipated timeframe for when the car will be fully prepared, including all previously agreed-upon things.

It is important to note that the Consumer Rights Act 2015 will address any problems with the car's condition at the time of sale, however the Approved Used guarantee would not cover such concerns. Consequently, the resolution of these problems can only be handled by the dealer who provided the item, rather than any dealer affiliated with MB. This is particularly important if the supplying dealer is not in close proximity to you. It is crucial to thoroughly inspect everything, as you will not have the convenience of visiting your local dealer and requesting a repair under the Approved Used warranty for issues that should have been identified and resolved by the supplying dealer before the vehicle was delivered.

6. Inspect the quality and manufacturer of the tyres, and get a report on the percentage of wear on the brake discs.

7. Prior to signing, request a firmware update for the infotainment system and the installation of the most recent maps from the dealer at no cost as part of the agreement.

8. Inquire with the salesman about the presence of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in the vehicle, and get written confirmation (by email) whether these features are really included. Interestingly, a considerable number of MB automobiles were not originally equipped with this feature, and it may be difficult to install it afterwards.

9. Consider carefully before purchasing a vehicle equipped with a BLUETEC engine and the notorious AdBlue system...

Apologies if this comes out as rather discouraging... nonetheless, if executed well, you will have an exceptional automobile. Best wishes.

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Those postings would have uplifted his spirits and not diminished the thrill of purchasing a "new" automobile in any way! Goodness!

Even if you follow all the above steps, there is still a possibility of receiving a defective product or not receiving any at all. This is because the functioning of the gadget is intricate and unpredictable. Therefore, chance plays a significant role in determining the outcome.

I have had FSH autos that have consistently shown several issues...I have purchased used vehicles with high mileage and few maintenance records, but at a favourable price. Despite this, these cars have always performed well, including my present ALFA with 171,000 km.

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The vehicle comes with a 12-month warranty from MB. Please correct me if I am wrong, but if the vehicle has any significant defects, they should become apparent and be repaired within the first year or so. Covered by warranty.
I shall request the service history and do a comprehensive examination of it.
Thank you for the advice of retaining my current vehicle until I am satisfied with the new one.

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Thank you for the advice.
Regarding the adblue system.
Your statement is accurate. Hence, my strategy entails maximising the car's warranty coverage and thereafter selling it after a period of four years. The Inchape guarantee covers cars that are either less than 10 years old or have less than 100,000 km on them. Mercedes: 10 years or under 120,000 miles
The warranty will need an annual payment ranging from $400 to $700.
The Inchape extended warranty may prove to be more cost-effective. After reviewing the warranty contract, I have determined that the adblue system is indeed included in the coverage.


What is included or protected
Provides comprehensive coverage for a wide range of critical mechanical and electrical components, safeguarding against any potential breakdown or malfunction.
Assists in safeguarding against expenses related to the replacement of components and the associated manpower required for installation.
There is no restriction on the number of repairs you may request, as long as the overall cost does not exceed the original purchase price of the car.
Renting a temporary vehicle while warranty repairs are being conducted.
The vehicle is eligible for warranty coverage for a period of up to 60 days while it is located in the European Union or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

If the car is sold privately, the warranty may be transferred to the new owner.

Applies to cars that are no more than 10 years old and have been driven less than 100,000 miles at the time of purchase.

The enhanced warranty coverage

The enhanced warranty now further includes coverage for the following features, provided they are present in your car.

A diesel particulate filter is a device used to trap and remove particulate matter from the exhaust gases of a diesel engine.

Automotive proximity sensors

Entertainment system with information capabilities

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting

Electrical wiring harnesses and their corresponding connectors.

A catalytic converter is a device that is used to reduce the harmful emissions produced by a vehicle's engine.

Exhaust systems need repairs in cases of unexpected failure or unanticipated circumstances.

Automotive safety devices designed to inflate rapidly in the event of a collision, providing a cushioning effect to protect occupants from impact forces.

Oil seepage

What is excluded

Exclusions from this guarantee include the following.

Body components such as strikers, hinges, or any other element that may need periodic adjustment.

Exterior components such as body panels, painting, or glass

Components such as interior decor, seats, and seat belts.

Recharging the air-conditioning unit is not necessary unless it is required for a covered repair.

Replacing brake components as a result of normal deterioration or excessive usage of the brakes

Replacing worn, improperly adjusted, or misused clutch components

Performing maintenance tasks such as purging fuel lines, filters, throttle body, and pumps, as well as addressing any issues resulting from the usage of improper or contaminated gasoline.

Performing maintenance tasks such as changing batteries, lights, and wiper blades, as well as levelling and aligning wheels, and replacing or repairing wheels and tyres.

Water-induced damage to the car or its components necessitating repairs.

Any harm resulting from frost, absence of antifreeze, an incident, or carelessness

Aftermarket automotive components such as radios, cassette players, CD players, or any other items that were not originally installed by the manufacturer

Exhaust failures that are not caused by abrupt or unexpected flaws in welds or joints, modifications, aftermarket components, or parts not installed by the manufacturer, unintentional damage from speed bumps or curbs, or normal wear and tear or corrosion.

Routine maintenance, service, and replacement of components such as spark plugs and plug leads

Weather strips and body seals

Any harm or disappearance of components that are not explicitly included in this guarantee

Valves that are charred, adhering, or have small holes

Damage caused by the failure of a timing belt that has not been changed according to the manufacturer's guidelines. (We will only compensate for this damage if you can provide evidence that the timing belt has been changed according to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance plan.)

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Frankly speaking, my first intention was to retain the automobile; but, the total expenses required to address all the problems amount to around $3000 to $4000. This week, the independent mechanic informed me that it is now the optimal moment to sell the vehicle, since he has inspected and resolved the EML error. He said that in the event of the light reactivating, it may be necessary to replace other components.

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The current version seems to have undergone improvements since my last observation. Notably, it now includes the inclusion of electrical wiring and oil leaks, which were previously omitted for reasons unknown to me. In my humble opinion, there should be no exceptions save for service-related problems and instances when the owner's carelessness or refusal to adhere to maintenance regulations is the cause of the failure.

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We appreciate the donations from everyone of you. Thank you.
May I ask one more question, please? I am considering the possibility of trading in my automobile at MB. The automobile had previous instances of Electronic Malfunction Indicator Lamp (EML) difficulties. During my last visit to the mechanic, he informed me that a thorough cleaning was required for the Adblue system. After the cleaning, all tests were successful and I was billed for the service.
MB has made an offer that is £1500 to £2000 below the current market price for the vehicle if I were to sell it privately. I would want to know whether MB would still accept the vehicle if the EML (Engine Management Light) illuminates again shortly before the handover date, or if they will once again decrease their offer.

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In my experience with dealerships, except Mercedes-Benz, I have seen that after a vehicle has undergone inspection and a price has been agreed upon as a trade-in, it is not subjected to another inspection when it is brought in, usually within a few days. There may be variations when dealing with MB dealers or if a significant amount of time has passed, such as waiting several months for your new vehicle.

Nevertheless, it is essential to consider the situation from the dealer's point of view. The auction firm will transport your previous vehicle. The dealer's level of concern in inspecting your automobile is limited to the extent that the auction house does, since this is how the auction house determines the price when purchasing vehicles. The auction house's primary concerns lie in the visible aspects that a trade buyer can assess, such as the make, model, mileage, history, MOT, paintwork, alloy wheels, and two keys. These factors serve as the main distinguishing features. However, the engine, gearbox, and suspension only need to meet the minimum requirements for a superficial inspection, as conducted by a trade buyer in an auction. The trade dealer bears the financial burden of restoring the car to a condition suitable for sale, which explains why they must acquire these cars at a low price. Alternatively, if the trade dealer is unscrupulous and conceals the problems instead of rectifying them, the unsuspecting second-hand buyer will be responsible for the costs.

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When I exchanged my previous W2111, the transaction was conducted over the phone. I was in London while the Mercedes dealer was in South Wales. However, the sale was contingent upon their vehicle matching the description provided in the advertisement and video, as well as my car being accurately represented.

I had a comprehensive folder including records of service history and invoices. However, the salesman failed to inspect its contents and instead conducted a cursory examination of the body work and inside. The engine was not even started. Since it had a 2007 registration, it was 12 years old in 2019 and had around 125,000 kilometres. The person said that it will be sent to an auction.

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