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The bulb required is a H7 bulb for a W211 model from 2007. Assistance is requested.

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Greetings everyone. I hope that everyone is in good health.

May I kindly request assistance with replacing the main headlight bulb? I apologise if this is not the appropriate forum for my inquiry.

My father has a 2007 W211 220 CDI vehicle.
He purchased a H7 LED main beam bulb.The text "(X2)" remains unchanged.
I will shortly provide a picture of a light bulb.
The sales site states that the product is compatible with all H7 fitments, is anti-flicker, and does not trigger any dashboard alerts. It is also described as a plug-and-play solution.
The device connects straight to the car's power outlet. However, upon activation, it began to flicker.
I installed the original bulb and obtained a cable/adapter that claims to prevent flickering and dashboard alerts.
Reconnect the two by inserting the bulb into the cable and then plugging the cable into the car's socket.
However, it continues to flicker.

The original bulbs are halogen H7 with a power rating of either 50 or maybe 55 watts.
He is using a modest amount of electricity or wattage.

Has someone completed this task and resolved it?
Assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you everyone

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Hopefully, this demonstrates to all of you what I, or my father, are like.
Thank you once again

The price of the AUXITO 2X H7 LED 6500K Canbus Headlight Bulbs is €23.99, which is a 29% discount. These bulbs are designed with a DC 12V CSP Chip to provide a super bright H7 Turbo Slim LED light for your car's headlights. They are error-free and provide a high level of brightness.

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Regrettably, LED conversions are prone to this problem, since the advertisements are just deceptive. The only resolution is purchasing from a provider based in the United Kingdom who offers a comprehensive reimbursement policy in the event that the purchased items prove incompatible with your vehicle.

(By the way, it is important to note that converting halogen bulbs to LED bulbs is considered unlawful in the UK. These LED bulbs are often marketed with a disclaimer stating that they are intended for off-road usage only. However, this topic is outside the scope of our current discussion.)

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Hello Gianni682, how are you?
I get what you mean.
Typically, I purchase items from European sellers, and the cost of returning them via shipping is usually manageable. I have acquired a few items from both the United States and China, which are located on different continents. I have never had any problems with this previously. There is always the possibility of change, however.

I sent an email to the firm, but they instructed me to get in touch with the vendor. It resembled a little aperture in the bucket, providing some assistance but not much.

I believed that it exceeded a certain threshold, markjay (such as 3500k or 6000k).

Thank you.

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I will examine the MOT issue you mentioned.

I am aware that UK MOTs may be rather stringent, particularly with regards to the straight 1's. I am also aware of several exceptions to this rule.
I didn't think it would matter as long as the angle and height of the light are accurate and pass the test.
I purchased a 2009 BMW 5 series vehicle. I like it, but it was emotionally distressing due to certain circumstances. As a result, I decided to exchange it for a w204, which I equally adore. However, the headlight bulb of the BM vehicle malfunctioned.I brought the non-functioning item to a specialised automotive parts store (not Halfords, a reputable establishment where parts are purchased). I presented it to the attendant at the desk, expressing my need for a replacement bulb with the same level of brightness and colour. The attendant informed me that the bulb I had provided was a 100-watt bulb, not a 50 or 55-watt bulb. He even remarked that it was surprising that the wires had not been damaged due to the higher wattage. I obtained the second item and placed it in the bin. I also inserted two blue bulbs, one manufactured by Osram and the other by Phillips, with a power rating of around 50 watts.
From my observation, if my father reduces the wattage of the bulbs he is using, it will help protect his alternator and battery. Alternatively, one might install a high-quality stereo system and amplifier for enhanced audio experience.

Will communicate with you at a later time.
Wishing you a pleasant evening and urging you to enjoy the current weather conditions.(approval gesture).

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