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We need help E220CDI error code P2373


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In my current endeavor, I am assisting an acquaintance in addressing a predicament with their Mercedes vehicle. Specifically, the issue at hand pertains to the engine's initiation, which results in the emission of an excessive amount of white smoke to the extent that the vehicle itself becomes indiscernible.

The Texa diagnostic machine has shown a fault code, namely P2373, which pertains to the field injection compensation reaching a pressure of 600 bar.

The narrative surrounding the vehicle entails its visit to a garage for the purpose of replacing a ball joint. During its stay, it was discovered that the car had insufficient diesel fuel, resulting in its depletion while in the garage. In an attempt to rectify this, 10 liters of diesel were added to the vehicle. However, subsequent attempts to start the car proved unsuccessful. As a troubleshooting measure, all four injectors were removed and sent for testing. The results indicated that all four injectors were obstructed, prompting their replacement along with the installation of a new fuel filter. After undergoing installation and reprogramming, the engine starts but emits a substantial amount of smoke, mostly consisting of uncombusted diesel fuel particles.

I have assumed responsibility for the vehicle, since the garage has disassociated itself from all involvement with it due to a series of events.

I was unable to locate any pertinent data on this specific trouble code. I have received information indicating that the injectors were acquired from the primary dealers. Is it possible that there exists more than one component number for these injectors? It is possible that an incorrect selection of injectors was made.

I am hopeful that an individual with expertise in the subject matter may provide assistance.

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The optimization of injector quantity It seems that the upper threshold for zero fuel correction at the intermediate pressure level has been surpassed, as shown by the range of 600 bar. The present adaptation mechanism gradually acquires knowledge over time to effectively counteract the phenomenon of drift.

In a previous topic, I saw that you had included screenshots of Xentry software. However, the adjustment amounts were not shown in those screenshots. It is anticipated that there will be three distinct adaptation values, namely low, medium, and high pressure, assigned to each injector.

Considering the fact that you have been manipulating the injector, it is advisable to reset the adaptation parameters and closely observe its performance.

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In the event that the adaptation is reset and the adaptation value at 600 bar reverts back to the limit value, it indicates a genuine issue with the injector. If the issue is not related to a poorly positioned injector during the running process.

The adaptation process operates by introducing minute quantities of fuel during an overrun phase until a perturbation becomes evident in the rotational speed of the crankshaft. In actuality, every factor that influences the efficiency of a cylinder has the potential to disrupt its adaptation.

The adaptation for a single cylinder may be achieved by simulating the replacement of the injector.

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Apologies for the delay in my answer. If there is still interest from anybody, please let me know.
The attempt to reset adaption values was unsuccessful. The problem of rough idling has remained.
Ultimately, before to fulfilling my obligation to pay the yearly tax, I proceeded to sell or dispose of my vehicle.
I have purchased a W212 2015 E220cdi with a power output of 177 brake horsepower.
I anticipate that I will not encounter any complications with it...

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