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The E91 model is equipped with a central locking diversity antenna.

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Greetings, everyone.

The key fob for my central locking system is malfunctioning. The central locking system works well when using the internal dash button, and the vehicle may also be locked using the valet key. The issue occurred last winter but subsequently resolved itself and remained problem-free throughout the year. During the winter season, there was a sudden drop in. This occurrence has persisted and there has been no natural improvement since then.

I have perused written articles and seen visual content demonstrating the process of substituting the diversity antenna situated behind the rear boot spoiler.

I uncovered the module and proceeded to extract and cleanse it. The item had little water damage, but it was not significant. I removed the dirt off this and reinstalled it onto the automobile. The previous attempt was unsuccessful. I conducted a voltage test on the connection pins, which consisted of 4 wires. Through several wire combinations, I saw the expected voltage levels of either 12V or 5V.

The subsequent course of action involves replacing the module. However, the presence of voltage on the cables raises the question of whether this indicates the module is functioning properly or whether there may be a potential wiring problem, which is another plausible explanation.

Additionally, should the plastic cover be completely sealed on both sides using Tiger Seal or a similar adhesive?

Additionally, the component number installed on my vehicle is 6520-6934846. However, there seems to be a physically equivalent LCI model part with the part number 6520-9193841. Are these units interchangeable?

Thank you.

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Are there any photographs documenting the water damage before to and during the cleaning process? What method did you use to cleanse it?

In my view, it would be advisable to replace the device with a functional one if it has had water damage, and proceed accordingly. If the issue persists even after replacing it, it is probable that there is a damaged wire in the tailboard wiring harness.

This assumes that the key fob in question does not belong to you.

Indeed, the two components may be used interchangeably.

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The issue does not lie with the keys, since both the primary and backup keys have functioned well in the past but are now non-functional.

Although I didn't get a photograph, the condition of the item was satisfactory overall. However, there were little instances of white corrosion present on the lower side and around some portions of the circuitry on the top. I used alcohol and a toothbrush to cleanse it, and the residue was effortlessly removed.

It is useful to be aware that both part numbers are appropriate. Thank you for sharing. Additionally, there are additional possibilities available for the LCI part number on eBay.

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To get information on a specific part, you may visit realoem.com and enter your vehicle identification number (VIN). That is the extent of the information accessible to me.

Perhaps another user can provide you with more effective assistance on that matter.

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Could you provide any advice on how to effectively purchase a high-quality replacement component from eBay? All of these components are second-hand items obtained from dismantlers. There is no assurance that the replacement will be operational, even if the advertisement claims that it has been tested and is in working condition. I attempted to install the replacement, but it did not function. However, how can I ascertain that the component itself is not the cause of the issue?

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The module, a replacement component purchased from Ebay for £100, with part number 6520-9193841, functioned instantly upon installation.

Replaced the cover by applying a continuous line of tigerseal adhesive around its perimeter.

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