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The potential source of a fault in an alternator might be attributed to a single wire. Attached are the accompanying images.


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Greetings, individuals.

I have recently examined an error code pertaining to an alternator.
Error: Layer Generator Code: 4A07

After doing the necessary maintenance, I saw that the alternator is equipped with two wires, one designated for power transmission and the other specifically intended for Battery Management System (BMS) functionality.

Is it expected for this connection to have two wires connected to the alternator, as I have noticed that mine only has one cable. However, the terminals on the connector are labeled as positive and negative.


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Typically, these systems are equipped with two wires: one wire is responsible for energizing the field coils, while the other wire is connected to the dashboard light. Although I have seen instances when a single wire is used, I have not yet engaged in the diagnostic process for such a configuration.

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Has a solution been identified for this issue? Encountering a similar predicament. I performed maintenance on the BMS connection, namely the single wire connector, and also tightened the screw on the positive terminal of the alternator. The observed symptoms are the initial voltage reading of 11.8-11.9 when starting the automobile, followed by a further increase in voltage to a range of 13.8-14.1 after turning the car off and on again. I proceeded to replace the battery with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) battery that was readily available to me, and meticulously inspected all the connections inside the battery compartment. It should be noted that the issue of recurrence is not consistent, as the device operated without any problems for a duration of three days subsequent to the battery replacement, just to manifest the issue once again. Any assistance provided would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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