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The Mercedes Electric Vehicle Debacle


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In 2021, when I was deciding an electric vehicle (EV) to purchase, I intentionally avoided considering the EQC due to my scepticism about the technological capabilities of Mercedes-Benz's EVs at that time. The EQC seems to be a lacklustre effort by Mercedes-Benz to produce an electric vehicle that is only a secondary option. I chose the IONIQ 5 instead and it exceeded my expectations. Recently, I returned from a trip to Switzerland where the car performed exceptionally well in terms of reliability, refinement, high-speed driving on the Autoroute (110-120km/h), fast charging (175-220kWh, depending on the charger), energy consumption, and range. Hyundai successfully made a sincere endeavour in developing their electric vehicle technology, which resulted in positive outcomes for the company. Regrettably, it is disheartening to see that MB has yet to organise themselves well. I had high expectations that MB would make progress and subsequently surpass their competitors with their E-Class and S-Class electric vehicles. Which electric vehicle will I get next, at the expiration of my lease in 2025?

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The outward design of the EQE/EQS does not bother me, especially as I have previously owned many SAAB 9000 combi coupés. An exemplary and functional design. Those automobiles have a large enough interior space to accommodate a small couch.
I continue to have a sense of longing for SAAB.

However, among all the EQEs available on the second-hand market, there are several options in my country. Unfortunately, none of them are equipped with the "Hyper Screen," which, in my opinion, should have been a standard feature for a vehicle in that price range. However, all of them had dashboards resembling the "IPad" layout, which I find aesthetically unappealing to the extent that I would not contemplate any of them. Why are the majority of electric vehicles developed in this manner? Are electric vehicles immune to issues caused by solar glare? Are EVs immune to issues such as unintentional impacts on the displays or inadvertent dropping of tiny objects beneath the display panels?

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