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The Valet Mode has been activated and the issue of Kia Connect not receiving a signal has been resolved.

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Prior to using a meet and greet service at the airport, I opted to experiment with valet mode on my Sportage the evening before, using the app.
Unfortunate timing.
The valet mode has been engaged. Because there is no reason not to. Subsequently, when I attempted to disable it, I consistently saw a notice indicating the absence of a signal. Currently, the automobile has been immobilised in Valet mode for a duration of 13 days.
The Kia Connect app continues to indicate a lack of signal. Despite the automobile indicating that it has signal.
I attempted to reset the headunit. This is ineffective.

After thoroughly reviewing over 30 online discussion boards, the only plausible explanation I can deduce is that there was a terms and conditions notification that appeared on the car's interface, which I failed to see while driving. And was never acknowledged?

I have contacted Kia Connect via email, and now I must await their response. I personally spoke with Kia, but they were unable to provide any assistance.

Have you encountered any such situations, and if so, how did you resolve them?
The absence of sound when driving is quite distressing to me.

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One possible solution is to deactivate the power switch at the fuse box located beneath the dashboard for a duration of 10 minutes. Alternatively, you may unplug the battery for a period of 10 to 15 minutes.

Verify whether that action restores the automobile to its original state.

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There is no issue with the sole ability to deactivate it via the application. If the application successfully establishes a suitable connection with the car.
Uncertain whether you have already used the valet mode. However, its functionality is limited to preventing the use of the radio, music, and navigation features. It does not effectively deter or prevent speeding.

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Resolution provided by Kia Connect. Despite much research, I managed to find this information online. There is no information on this solution on their website.

We appreciate your contact.

We regret to learn that you are encountering this problem. We respectfully request that you deactivate and then reactivate the Alerts & Security Service.
The location of the item may be accessed inside the app using the designated menu. Additional information >>> Service List: Alerts & Security.

Once the task is completed, you should have the ability to deactivate the Valet mode.

If there are any other matters I can help you with, do inform me. Wishing you a pleasant day.

Magda is a representative of Kia Connect.

Hopefully, this might be of use to others.

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